How Can You Learn More About Assisted Living?

There are many questions seniors may have about assisted living communities. Here are four tips to help you and your loved one learn more about assisted living.

Assisted Living Helps Seniors With Mobility Challenges Engage in Exercise

Many seniors suffer from mobility challenges, but with the help of their assisted living facilities they can get the daily exercise they need.

How Assisted Living Helps Families Enjoy Vacation Time Again

Family caregivers often don’t get the opportunity to vacation alone or with family. Assisted living offers care options to help give them the break they deserve.

Helping Seniors Adjust to Assisted Living

Helping your senior loved one adjust to assisted living may not be as smooth sailing as you anticipate. Here are a few ways to help them transition without it feeling overwhelming.

The Importance of Assisted Living Tours

Touring an assisted living community may seem daunting to your senior loved one, but it’s a great way to get a feel of comfortability when searching for a new place to live.

How Respite Care Assisted Living Benefits Aging Seniors

Many seniors aren’t aware that a lot of assisted living facilities offer a method of short-term care, called respite care, as an alternative to long-term care options.

Discovering Your Senior Loved One’s Assisted Living Expectations

Many seniors struggle with the idea of assisted living because of the common misconceptions surrounding it. Here are a few tips on helping them overcome these misunderstandings.

Supporting a Senior Parent in Assisted Living From Afar

It can be a struggle to support a senior parent when you don’t live near their assisted living community. Here are a few tips to continue supporting them from afar.

Increasing Enthusiasm About the Idea of Assisted Living

The transition into assisted living can be stressful, but encouraging your senior loved one’s enthusiasm about the change can be very helpful.

3 Ways Your Senior Lives Healthier with Assisted Living

Assisted living offers your senior loved one a variety of benefits, but did you know it can help encourage a healthier lifestyle? Here’s how.