Our Caregivers


At Ashbury Manor, we strive for personalized service from a caring staff. Our trained caregivers will treat your family members as one of their own while tending to their daily needs.

Our care-givers must complete the DETA “Dementia Education & Training Program” Care series and be tested prior to having any contact with the residents. In addition to the 6 to 8 hours of classroom study they must complete the Teepa Snow videos and are assigned work with one of our seasoned care-givers for another 8 hours.

All care staff are CPR certified and trained in the following: Training in Basic First Aid / Safety and Nutritional Needs of the Elderly / Understanding the Aging Mind / Common Neuropsychiatric Disorders in the Elderly / Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia / Psychiatric Symptoms of Dementia / Behavioral Problems Associated with Dementia / Dementia Other than Alzheimer’s / Feeding & Bathing Techniques and many more.

The future of a society may be forecast by how it cares for its young. The quality of a civilization may be measured by how it cares for its elderly.

Daniel Patrick Moynihan