Assisted Living Helps With Memory Care After a Dementia Diagnosis

A memory care assisted living community is an invaluable asset for those who are struggling with the advancing stages of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

What To Do If Your Senior Doesn’t Want to Talk About Assisted Living

Assisted living is an important topic of elder care that should be discussed with your senior loved one. But what can you do if they don’t want to talk about it?

How Assisted Living Helps Families Enjoy Vacation Time Again

Family caregivers often don’t get the opportunity to vacation alone or with family. Assisted living offers care options to help give them the break they deserve.

How Should a Senior Design Their Assisted Living Room?

When a senior moves into an assisted living room, there are a lot of things to consider in order for them to make their space homey and comfortable.

When a Spouse Has Dementia, Memory Care Assisted Living Offers Many Great Options

Memory care assisted living is one of the best options for those aging men and women who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia.

Tips for Downsizing Your Seniors Home

Whether you are the spouse of someone moving to assisted living or an adult child assisting a parent, you may play an important part in ensuring a seamless transition.

Now That About 70 Percent of Seniors May Require Long-Term Care, How Can Mom Afford It?

According to some recent estimates, medical professionals believe almost three-quarters of seniors at this point have required or will require some type of long-term care.

How Managing Diet and Nutrition Becomes Simpler for Seniors at Assisted Living

People barely understand what their nutritional needs are, let alone how to meet them in a society bombarding them with tasty alternatives. For seniors, diet and nutrition is critical, but it doesn’t get easier with age.

One Overlooked Benefit of Respite Assisted Living Care Is That it Allows You to Cling to Your Composure Again

The more you know and understand about respite care services at a quality assisted living facility, the more you will certainly understand and appreciate the benefits it can offer.

How Assisted Living Can Help When Time Seems to Fly By as a Family Caregiver

There are many controlling factors to our unique perspectives on time, not the least of which involves the enjoyment of the things we’re participating in at the time.