Increasing Enthusiasm About the Idea of Assisted Living

The transition into assisted living can be stressful, but encouraging your senior loved one’s enthusiasm about the change can be very helpful.

3 Ways Your Senior Lives Healthier with Assisted Living

Assisted living offers your senior loved one a variety of benefits, but did you know it can help encourage a healthier lifestyle? Here’s how.

Fun Outdoor Assisted Living Activities for Seniors

There is a variety of outdoor activities that seniors can enjoy while at assisted living that makes their free time a little more fun. Here are a few examples!

Ways to Make Assisted Living Transitions Easier for Seniors

Moving to assisted living can be a difficult change for most seniors. Here are a few ways to make that transition easier for them.

Can Seniors Enjoy Assisted Living on a Short-Term Basis?

Assisted living has a variety of care options to either transition your senior loved one into a community or offer short-term respite care.

Addressing Fears of the Unknown with Assisted Living

Fearing the unknown is one of the key factors and objections to why so many seniors never consider assisted living for themselves or their loved ones.

Handling Your Senior’s Complaints the First Week of Assisted Living

Every time you brought up the topic of assisted living or elder care, your senior loved one keeps dismissing it. How do you handle their objections?

The Importance of Assisted Living Properly Managing Medications

Medication management is just one of the important parts in choosing the right assisted living facility for yourself or a senior loved one.

Short-Term Assisted Living Could Be a Great Way to Transition to Full-Time Care

A commonly overlooked benefit of assisted living is short-term or respite care, which many people don’t realize is a beneficial option when it comes to assisted living.

Mom May Want to Stay Close to Friends at Assisted Living Rather Than Where You Live

Assisted living is a wonderful elder care choice to make, but if you live out of town, your mom may want to stay closer to her friends than where you are.