The Benefit of Technology in Assisted Living Communities

Over the years, technology has become extremely beneficial in most environments. Even in assisted living communities, there are several advantages to tech products.

Assisted Living Helps Seniors With Mobility Challenges Engage in Exercise

Many seniors suffer from mobility challenges, but with the help of their assisted living facilities they can get the daily exercise they need.

Short-Term Assisted Living Could Be a Great Way to Transition to Full-Time Care

A commonly overlooked benefit of assisted living is short-term or respite care, which many people don’t realize is a beneficial option when it comes to assisted living.

How Might a Senior Stay on Top of His Personal Hygiene If You’re Not There to Watch Him?

As you get older, a lot of challenges will increase. Some of those may be financial. Some of them may relate to your health.

Even Seniors Who Choose Assisted Living May Experience ‘Homesickness,’ and What You Can Do to Help

Even seniors who willingly and excitedly choose assisted living for their future may experience some sense of homesickness when they first move in.

Knowing the Different Elder Care Options Usually Leads People to Recognize the Value Assisted Living Offers

For most Americans, long-term or elder care is something way off in the distant future. They don’t even want to consider it before they’re 65 or 70.

Even Though You May Not Be Able to Visit a Grandparent in Assisted Living, What About Writing a Letter?

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and that means now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and write a heartfelt letter to someone you love, a family member like a parent, grandparent, or even an aunt or uncle who is at assisted living.

When You and Your Mom Are Snapping at Each Other More, Respite Support at Assisted Living Could Be the Answer You BOTH Need

Most people have no idea just how stressful it can and often becomes (being a family caregiver) until they do that type of work firsthand.

Some Activities You MIGHT Enjoy at the Right Assisted Living Community

Bear in mind that when it comes to elder care, assisted living is one of the best options to consider, but it might not be for everyone.

Discover What Assisted Living Offers … with a Tour

Do you know what assisted living could offer you or somebody you care about? A lot of people have the wrong idea about assisted living.