The Best Items Senior Can Bring to Assisted Living

Knowing how to downsize items when moving to assisted living may be hard for seniors going through this transition. Here are the best items to bring along.

Give Respite Care a Try at Assisted Living This Fall

Respite care is a great assisted living resource families can use for their senior loved one to try out a facility short-term to see if they enjoy the environment.

How Respite Care Assisted Living Benefits Aging Seniors

Many seniors aren’t aware that a lot of assisted living facilities offer a method of short-term care, called respite care, as an alternative to long-term care options.

Ways to Make Assisted Living Transitions Easier for Seniors

Moving to assisted living can be a difficult change for most seniors. Here are a few ways to make that transition easier for them.

Ways to Help Your Aging Parent Still Feel Independent, Even When Transitioning to Assisted Living

For many seniors, especially those who have misconceptions about what assisted living is, it can feel like the end of their life.

Three Key Questions to Ask When Touring an Assisted Living Community

When you take a tour of an assisted living community in person or virtually these days, you should have an opportunity to ask questions.

Three Questions to Ask When Searching for an Assisted Living Community

If you are searching for an assisted living community, for yourself, an aging parent, spouse, or friend, you may not know where to start.

What If Mom Calls and Begs You to Take Her from Assisted Living When She First Moves In?

Depending on the facility, there may be wonderful activities, entertainment options, transportation services, friends to make, and much more that your mother might soon discover.

Why Swimming Can Be a Wonderful Activity for Seniors Depending on Elder Care

There are many benefits that swimming or water aerobics offers aging men and women.

What Activities Could an Assisted Living Community Offer a Senior with Alzheimer’s?

Assisted living, especially memory care, is a great elder care option for seniors who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is just one.