What Social Activities Might Seniors Enjoy at Assisted Living?

From exercising to arts and crafts, assisted living facilities offer many social activities for seniors.

From exercising to arts and crafts, assisted living facilities offer many social activities for seniors.

Assisted living can be a great support system for elderly men and women, especially those who may have difficulty with certain tasks. Most of us take activities of daily living (ADLs) for granted in our younger, stronger, healthier years. These often include light housekeeping, preparing meals, bathing and toileting, getting dressed, and so much more.

It’s often difficult for somebody in their 30s, 40s, or 50s who is strong and healthy to understand the difficulties and challenges a person in their 70s, 80s, or 90s might face when they can’t take care of these ADLs on their own.

But what we often overlook when it comes to the needs of our elderly loved ones involves social aspects and activities. Just because a person is in their 70s or 80s doesn’t mean they want to be alone, but unfortunately, many seniors do live alone and are lonely.

At assisted living facilities, there are numerous social activities that aging men and women can enjoy and participate in. They don’t have to participate in any of the activities if they don’t want to, but there are many things that people can get involved in, which will help improve the quality of life for those residents.

Let’s look at a few possible social activities that could make a world of difference for an aging senior you care about.


Meeting New People

Many people might be introverted and shy, but that doesn’t mean they want to live alone or be lonely all the time. At a good assisted living community, seniors will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people, forge new friendships, laugh, talk, and just enjoy each day with others.

It’s not just residents that they can meet, but also the staff. When you have a quality assisted living facility, they will be focused on hiring friendly, personable staff members who will be outgoing and understanding of the needs as well as the desire for privacy that residents should enjoy.


Reconnecting with Old Friends

If a person has been living in the same town or area for decades, they probably have met many people through the years. Some of those people they lost touch with long ago might actually be in the same assisted living community.

This would allow aging men and women to reconnect with friends they had lost touch with some time ago. That can be a great way to lift their spirits and help them handle these golden years of life with more positive emotions.


Arts and Crafts

Depending on the facility, residents may be offered a wide range of arts and crafts activities. Usually, these facilities bring in an outside professional to help residents learn a new form of art, practice it, and develop their skills and passion for something artistic and creative.

These arts and crafts are not just about helping seniors pass the time but also learn new skills, explore their creative side, and maintain a higher quality of life than if they were just sitting at home alone, waiting for each day to come to an end.



When surrounded by people your age who have similar interests, they may want to play games. Whether it’s Bridge, Rummy, board games, or other types of activities, playing games is a great way to have fun, be a little competitive but in good spirits, and strengthen those bonds of friendship that you form along the way.



Again, depending on the facility, residents may have a wide range of entertainment options. This could include regular movies, television programs, and devices like iPads and Samsung Galaxies with games or other communication options so they can video teleconference with grandchildren and other friends worldwide and much more.

To find out what social activities may be provided at a specific facility, contact them directly. Keep in mind, though, that social activities often help seniors maximize their quality of life and enjoy their new home at assisted living.



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