Three Things You Could Do for a Grandparent at Assisted Living During This Pandemic

While not everyone will find assisted living to be a wonderful asset, the vast majority of seniors who choose this make new friends, discover new activities to explore, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

How to Best Help an Aging Senior Make the Move to Assisted Living

Making a major life transition is going to be difficult, no matter the age. Even if this is something you are excited about, it can and will be stressful.

Three Ways You Could Be More Encouraging for a Senior Loved One as They Decide on Assisted Living

You want to be encouraging for your elderly mother or father, especially when it comes to talking about assisted living.

Things WILL Change When Your Mother Moves to Assisted Living

Moving into assisted living is a significant life change. When it’s your mother (or even a father or a spouse), you may face a number of questions.

Your Mom Might Not Think Assisted Living as a New Adventure, but it Certainly Could Be

Would you think of heading to the hospital for a lengthy stay as an adventure? Probably not. Most people wouldn’t.

Why Wouldn’t Mom Want to Live Closer to You When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility?

You may have expected your mother to move closer to you and your family, but you need to respect and support her decision.

Three Signs Your Aging Father Would Do Well at Assisted Living

More and more you are noticing that your father is reaching the point where living on his own can be a safety hazard.

Assisted Living May Easily Be the Best Choice for an Aging Parent, but Getting Them to Realize That Might Be a Tall Order

When you know that your elderly mother or father, or both, would benefit from assisted living, it may feel as though you are banging your head against the proverbial wall just trying to get them to listen.

What Are Some Signs Mom Is Adjusting Well to Assisted Living?

Not everyone is going to adjust to significant changes in their life at the same pace or in the same way, so it’s important not to get caught up in looking for these specific signs.

How Can You Possibly Relax When Worried About the Safety of an Aging Parent? Assisted Living Is the Answer

When living at one of these communities, your aging mother or father (or both) will be much safer than at home, especially if they are dealing with diminishing strength, mobility, and physical capability.