Learning to Let Go: When You Know It’s Time for Mom to Try Assisted Living

Explore the common signs that it’s time to consider assisted living for aging loved ones, balancing care responsibilities with personal well-being.

What is Respite Care and is it Available at Your Local Assisted Living Community?

Respite care at assisted living facilities offers a short-term option for seniors, providing quality care for a few hours to a few days.

What Social Activities Might Seniors Enjoy at Assisted Living?

At assisted living, aging men and women can enjoy various social activities that can enhance their quality of life, though participation is entirely voluntary.

When Talking About Assisted Living with an Elderly Parent, Be Sure to Listen Too

When you’re talking to an aging parent about assisted living, don’t talk over them, but listen to their concerns and watch their body language.

How Assisted Living Can Be Beneficial for an Aging Parent with Parkinson’s

Assisted living is one of the best elder care options available for aging men and women with Parkinson’s who may need some level of support and assistance.

Four Ways a Senior’s Life Can Change When They Transition to Assisted Living

Making any significant change in life can alter a person’s perspectives, outlook, and maybe even their behavior or demeanor. When somebody is struggling with Activities of Daily Life (ADLs), that is also going to have an impact on the way they view the world, think about life, and treat others. Some people may experience improved […]

What Do You Do for an Aging Parent Who’s Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

When an aging parent has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, just about everything can seem to change. You may have suspected that something was amiss for a long time before he or she went to the doctor for a formal diagnosis. Maybe that word ‘Alzheimer’s’ was in the back of your mind for a while, but […]

Minimize the Stress of Moving to Assisted Living with Three Simple Strategies

Moving is one of the top three stressors in life. Believe it or not, even for somebody who is excited about an upcoming move (like buying their dream home after decades of hard work and waiting), it’s going to cause stress. That is true for people of all ages, including men and women in their […]

The Holidays and Assisted Living: Why They Go Together Like Gingerbread Cookies and Eggnog

Feeling overwhelmed by holiday stress and caregiving responsibilities? Assisted living offers a perfect solution with short-term respite care. Discover how this service can give you much-needed breaks to relax, recharge, and enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Learn about the benefits, what to look for, and how to find the right assisted living community for your loved one. Take control of your holiday season and prioritize your well-being.

Assisted Living Factors to Consider Other Than Amenities

When you or your senior loved one is choosing an assisted living facility, be sure to look into these factors instead of just relying on the amenities.