Begin the New Year with Assisted Living in Your Corner

The New Year is upon us. Whether it is just around the corner or has just passed, that often means people take advantage of this time of year to set new goals, plans, and resolutions.

How Much Time is Too Much to Spend with an Aging Parent Who Recently Moved to Assisted Living?

Perhaps it was your mother who moved to assisted living recently. Or maybe it was your father. It might have been a friend or a friend’s parent.

Would Mom Benefit from Skilled Nursing at Assisted Living?

Being that November is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month, you may be wondering if your aging mother needs skilled nursing at assisted living.

4 Ways Moving into Assisted Living Can Actually INCREASE Freedom for Seniors

One of the most significant concerns older men and women have when it comes to assisted living is this notion, they will lose certain freedoms and independence.

How Can You Tell if an Assisted Living Facility Is Going to Benefit Your Elderly Parent?

Not every elder care option is going to benefit each senior. Some are simply going to be better than others.

Learning to Play Piano Might Be Possible at Assisted Living

September is National Piano Month and if you have an elderly loved one considering assisted living who has wanted to learn to play the piano, assisted living could be an option.

How to Best Help an Aging Senior Make the Move to Assisted Living

Making a major life transition is going to be difficult, no matter the age. Even if this is something you are excited about, it can and will be stressful.

Three Ways You Could Be More Encouraging for a Senior Loved One as They Decide on Assisted Living

You want to be encouraging for your elderly mother or father, especially when it comes to talking about assisted living.

Your Mom Might Not Think Assisted Living as a New Adventure, but it Certainly Could Be

Would you think of heading to the hospital for a lengthy stay as an adventure? Probably not. Most people wouldn’t.

Why Wouldn’t Mom Want to Live Closer to You When Selecting an Assisted Living Facility?

You may have expected your mother to move closer to you and your family, but you need to respect and support her decision.