Breaking Down the Excuses Seniors Can Use About Assisted Living That’ll Show Them It’s a Great Option

Within the realm of elder care, assisted living is one of the best options, yet not many seniors realize this. In fact, a lot of elderly men and women discount assisted living for one reason or another.

You Don’t Need to Break Your Back Helping Mom When Assisted Living Offers to Step in and Help (even Part Time)

Being a family caregiver is a tremendous responsibility.It seems, at times, like you’re burning the candle at both ends.

Three Ways Assisted Living Provides Temporary Care Solutions to Aging Seniors

Assisted living provides many wonderful options for aging men and women. Some people may be surprised to learn that certain elder care facilities like assisted living may also provide respite care options.

What If Mom Still Has a Pet? Can She Choose Assisted Living Still?

A major stumbling block for some seniors when it comes to choosing assisted living is the notion that they can’t bring their beloved pet.

Yes, Assisted Living’s Respite Care Option CAN Potentially Boost Self-Esteem for Weary Family Caregivers (and Seniors)

February is International Boost Self-Esteem Month and as people get older and their physical abilities diminish (they lose strength, health issues increase, etc.), they may lose confidence in their abilities.

When the Year Already Feels Like it’s Slipping Away from You While Caring for an Aging Parent, Assisted Living Offers Relief, even Short-Term

It may seem that New Years Day is already well behind you, fast fading into the rearview mirror of your life, along with any potential resolutions to improve your life.

How Much Medical Support Could a Senior Receive at Assisted Living?

Some people conflate assisted living with other facility style care options, but a quality assisted living community should stand apart from all others.

Begin the New Year with Assisted Living in Your Corner

The New Year is upon us. Whether it is just around the corner or has just passed, that often means people take advantage of this time of year to set new goals, plans, and resolutions.

How Much Time is Too Much to Spend with an Aging Parent Who Recently Moved to Assisted Living?

Perhaps it was your mother who moved to assisted living recently. Or maybe it was your father. It might have been a friend or a friend’s parent.

Would Mom Benefit from Skilled Nursing at Assisted Living?

Being that November is National Long-Term Care Awareness Month, you may be wondering if your aging mother needs skilled nursing at assisted living.