Assisted Living Can Help Your Senior Lower the Risk of Dementia

While you may not be thinking about elder care, assisted living, or any other form of support in the future because things are going well, you are till able to support yourself and have no mental or physical challenges right now, things could change.

Assisted Living Respite Care Can Be for Family Caregivers, Too

Respite care is short-term care which gives caregivers a temporary break from caring for their senior loved one. Let’s take a deeper dive on what this means.

Obstacles to Overcome When Convincing a Senior to Move to Assisted Living

Moving is definitely a stressful event in one’s life, especially when it’s your senior loved one moving from there home to an assisted living facility.

Are You Considering Assisted Living for Your Loved One? Learn What Things You Should Focus On When Visiting Facilities to Ensure the Safety of Your Loved One.

Things to Look for at Assisted Living in Mobile, AL to Know Your Loved One will be Safe One of the most important things when you’re talking about an elderly loved one who requires help is ensuring his or her safety. The topic of assisted living may have come up and if your loved one […]

Do You Know the Best Way to Address the Topic of Assisted Living with a Loved One? A Good Start would be stressing all the Positive attributes.

Dad Was So Miserable: How I Convinced Him to Move to Assisted Living in Mobile, AL “ One Senior Man Finally agreeing to Move to an Assisted Living Facility in Mobile, AL” For the longest time, my father seemed to be completely miserable at home. He was lonely and wasn’t really doing much at all. […]

Assisted Living Week Highlights Elderly Care in Mobile, AL

When it comes to elderly care, assisted living is one of the options that are available to millions of senior citizens around the country. September 8-14 is National Assisted Living Week, and it is intended to help highlight the need for quality elderly care and why seniors don’t need to suffer in silence, or to […]

Can Assisted Living in Mobile, AL Benefit Alzheimer’s Care?

A common question that people have when trying to determine proper Alzheimer’s care for their loved one is whether they should encourage them to stay home or if they should look into assisted living. The initial reaction of patients who are diagnosed with this devastating disease is to want to stay home for the rest […]

Why You Can’t Force Someone into Assisted Living in Mobile AL

While the title of this article will make it seem that there is nothing you can really do about forcing someone to move into assisted living, there are some things that you could do to undermine a person’s free will. However, the emphasis here is not that you may be legally able to compel a […]

Can You ‘Force’ Someone into Assisted Living in Mobile AL?

It’s not a situation that you want to even think about, but when you’re concerned about the safety and well-being of an elderly loved one living alone, then you might be wondering what recourse you may have in order to force them to move, into assisted living, for example. Let’s paint the picture here so […]

Choosing Assisted Living in Mobile AL: Where to Begin the Search

Choosing assisted living for your aging family member isn’t always an easy decision; therefore, when choosing a facility, you want to be sure you are finding a great fit for your loved one.  This transition will be even harder on your loved one than it is for you; however, making the move as enjoyable as […]