Assisted Living Can Help Family Caregivers Who Are Struggling

Assisted living can be a refuge for those who are struggling with the stress and overwhelmed nature of being a family caregiver.

3 Key Factors in Selecting the Right Assisted Living Community

Choosing the right assisted living community can be difficult, but if you consider these three factors, selecting the right facility will be a breeze.

The Importance of Assisted Living Properly Managing Medications

Medication management is just one of the important parts in choosing the right assisted living facility for yourself or a senior loved one.

Assisted Living Can Help Your Senior Lower the Risk of Dementia

While you may not be thinking about elder care, assisted living, or any other form of support in the future because things are going well, you are till able to support yourself and have no mental or physical challenges right now, things could change.

Common Signs Your Elderly Mom Needs Assisted Living

It’s not always easy trying to figure out how to help somebody, especially when they are resistant to change.

How to Find the BEST Information About an Assisted Living Facility

There are plenty of ways to find information on just about any topic these days. With the Internet, we have information at our fingertips, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When Tina Moved to Assisted Living, She Discovered There Was Still So Much She Could Do

When some people face new challenges in life as they get older, they can get down on themselves. They can get depressed.

Instead of Worrying About Home Maintenance, Dad Could Be ‘Living it Up’ at Assisted Living

If your father is struggling to maintain his home, clean out the gutters, take care of the lawn, and do basic repairs, or even cleaning around the house, it’s time to consider another elder care choice: assisted living.

Increased Activity, Even Part-Time with Respite Assisted Living Can Improve Confidence and Esteem Among an Aging Senior

Imagine your health and physical ability was in such decline that you had to stop doing some or many of the things you loved.

When to Know It’s Time to Seriously Discuss Memory Care Assisted Living

Witnessing somebody you love begin to lose cognitive ability, even memory, is difficult. There is no easy way to handle this situation.