Yes, You Can Move into Assisted Living with Your Spouse, even If You Don’t Need ‘Support’

For all of the benefits that assisted living provides, you honestly believe this would be the right elder care option for your spouse at this stage in his or her life.

Things WILL Change When Your Mother Moves to Assisted Living

Moving into assisted living is a significant life change. When it’s your mother (or even a father or a spouse), you may face a number of questions.

Three Ideas That Could Change a Loved One’s Opinion on Assisted Living

You might be meeting a wall of resistance when it comes to talking about assisted living with your elderly mother or father.

Memory Care Is a Great Option for Seniors with Dementia

Dementia can affect anyone at any age, but it’s far more common for aging men and women.

What Types of Activities Does an Assisted Living Community Offer Residents?

When people look into assisted living, especially elderly men and women, they don’t want to just give up on life.

What Are Some Questions Your Mom Might Ask About Assisted Living?

It’s important not to get upset with any senior who may seem reluctant to discuss assisted living openly and honestly.

When You’re Feeling Stressed Caring for an Aging Parent, Look into Assisted Living

It’s no secret that a person can get extremely stressed looking after an aging parent or other family member who needs assistance.

Just Because You May Feel Relieved Mom’s Moving to Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean You Gave Up

Even if you have been more than willing to help wherever you can, the moment you begin taking care of an aging parent, grandparent, or somebody else you love who is of advancing years, you give up more and more of your life and time. 

Assisted Living Helps Many Seniors Dealing with Arthritis

May is Arthritis Awareness Month and for the millions of people in the United States dealing with this potentially devastating condition, daily life will certainly change as the symptoms increase.

What’s the ONE Misconception Too Many People Have About Assisted Living That Keeps Them from Choosing This Option

When it comes to elderly men and women, assisted living could very well be one of the best options they choose for their future.