What Can You Do to Help Your Aging Mother Adjust to Assisted Living Better?

You may feel as though you made a mistake suggesting assisted living to your elderly mother.

You Might Want to Focus on These Three Things When Touring an Assisted Living Facility

It’s highly advisable to go on a tour before buying into any property or signing a lease for an apartment, office facility, or other significant investment. When an aging senior considers assisted living, doing so sight unseen is not advisable. That’s why many of the better, higher quality assisted living facilities provide tour opportunities for […]

A Change of Mind: How to ‘Deal with’ a Senior Who Suddenly Changes His Mind About Assisted Living

For Tom and Sarah, trying to convince his aging mother to consider assisted living was a difficult proposition. She had been adamantly opposed to the idea of assisted living for a long time, even well after it became clear she was no longer safe living alone. Many of her friends had moved into a local […]

3 Ways to Positively Support Your Elderly Father as He Transitions to Assisted Living

It’s absolutely essential that we support our family and friends, especially when they’re dealing with difficult circumstances in life. If your elderly father is planning a move to assisted living, it’s a great decision. However, he might be having second thoughts, apprehensions, or concerns. Below are three ways that you can positively support him in […]

When Mom Wants an Assisted Living Facility Close to Her and You Want Her Moving Closer to You: Who Blinks First?

It’s taken many months, possibly even years, but finally your mother has agreed to move into an assisted living facility. This has felt like a wonderful relief, but something is not quite right. When you were talking to her about assisted living, you were trying to convince her to move closer to you. You thought […]

The Right Time to Discuss Assisted Living Options Is … When?

For some families, spouses, siblings, or even friends, the notion of talking about assisted living to somebody who is obviously having difficulty with their own care is not easy. In reality, though, the best time to begin discussing assisted living is long before it might actually be needed. Why is this the best time? People […]

Yes, Seniors Can Enjoy as Much Privacy as They Want at Assisted Living

If you live in your own house or apartment, having long since left those college days of shared rooms, living spaces, and kitchens behind, it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? You have as much privacy as you want. Of course, when you get married, have children, or take on roommates to help pay the bills, […]

How to Plan Your Visit to an Assisted Living Facility

You have your father or mother finally ready to look into assisted living. You feel relief because taking care of them, looking after them, has been a tremendous effort. You wouldn’t consider it a burden because you love them, but it has caused tension in your own personal relationships, at work, and in many other […]

It’s Amazing When an Aging Parent Finally Agrees to Consider Assisted Living

Cindy’s children would never have described her as being headstrong or stubborn, but when she was in her 70s and began showing signs of needing help around the house, she wouldn’t even consider assisted living. Her family did research. Her children and other family members did a lot of research into assisted living and other […]

3 Common Questions People Don’t Ask That Could Have Helped Them Realize Assisted Living Is a Great Option

How vital are questions? In truth, a question that isn’t asked is a significant loss of potential information. Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier for some people to not ask questions they have and rely on their own assumptions, misconceptions, or even prejudices than to actually learn the truth. When this happens, it becomes much more […]