What Can You Do to Help Your Aging Mother Adjust to Assisted Living Better?

You may feel as though you made a mistake suggesting assisted living to your elderly mother.

A Change of Mind: How to ‘Deal with’ a Senior Who Suddenly Changes His Mind About Assisted Living

For Tom and Sarah, trying to convince his aging mother to consider assisted living was a difficult proposition. She had been adamantly opposed to the idea of assisted living for a long time, even well after it became clear she was no longer safe living alone. Many of her friends had moved into a local […]

3 Ways to Positively Support Your Elderly Father as He Transitions to Assisted Living

It’s absolutely essential that we support our family and friends, especially when they’re dealing with difficult circumstances in life. If your elderly father is planning a move to assisted living, it’s a great decision. However, he might be having second thoughts, apprehensions, or concerns. Below are three ways that you can positively support him in […]

How to Plan Your Visit to an Assisted Living Facility

You have your father or mother finally ready to look into assisted living. You feel relief because taking care of them, looking after them, has been a tremendous effort. You wouldn’t consider it a burden because you love them, but it has caused tension in your own personal relationships, at work, and in many other […]

Tips to Make a Move to Assisted Living Easier for an Aging Parent

Assisted Living in Daphne AL Moving at any time of the year is going to be difficult. During the winter months, especially in the northern states, it can be downright overwhelming. In most situations, a senior moving into assisted living will have family members or a professional moving company assisting them with this important transition. […]

What Will Your Legacy Be at Assisted Living?

Assisted Living in Daphne AL You’ve been looking into assisted living for some time. You might have been visiting certain facilities with your daughter or son or some other family member or friend. At first they weren’t too keen on the idea of moving into assisted living, but the more you begin thinking about it […]

Why Mom Might Not Be Sleeping Well at Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Daphne AL There are plenty of reasons why people don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep. It could have to do with prescription medications, health issues, or commonly, caffeine. How caffeine affects the body. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and it can take up to eight hours, and in some cases even […]

5 Signs Mom’s Ready for Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Daphne AL Perhaps you have been taking care of your aging mother for some time. It made sense, it felt like your responsibility, and you certainly appreciated the time you’re able to spend with her. Yet, no matter how much work you seem to do for her, it doesn’t seem to be […]

Check the Process of Physical Therapy when Moving to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Daphne AL Charlie was moving into assisted living following his second slip and fall accident at home. This second one caused him to break his ankle. He didn’t spend much time in the hospital, but the doctor recommended physical therapy and he had basically had enough of a struggle to get around […]

The Best Ways to Learn More about Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Daphne AL When you’ve been considering talking to your elderly father about assisted living, you may not know much about it. You may have reservations about this type of living situation, so it’s important When you’ve been considering talking to your elderly father about assisted living, you may not know much about […]