Instead of Worrying About Home Maintenance, Dad Could Be ‘Living it Up’ at Assisted Living

If your father is struggling to maintain his home, clean out the gutters, take care of the lawn, and do basic repairs, or even cleaning around the house, it’s time to consider another elder care choice: assisted living.

Even Though You May Not Be Able to Visit a Grandparent in Assisted Living, What About Writing a Letter?

April is National Card and Letter Writing Month and that means now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and write a heartfelt letter to someone you love, a family member like a parent, grandparent, or even an aunt or uncle who is at assisted living.

What If Mom Still Has a Pet? Can She Choose Assisted Living Still?

A major stumbling block for some seniors when it comes to choosing assisted living is the notion that they can’t bring their beloved pet.

How Much ‘Medical Care’ Could a Senior Receive at Assisted Living?

If you are a senior, you might be considering assisted living. It is a wonderful option, but what if you have certain medical needs that aren’t being met at home?

‘End of Life’ Planning Should Include Assisted Living, and It May Begin Part-Time Now, Too!

As a person heads toward those golden years of life, there’s often an increase in health related challenges they often face.

How Managing Diet and Nutrition Becomes Simpler for Seniors at Assisted Living

People barely understand what their nutritional needs are, let alone how to meet them in a society bombarding them with tasty alternatives. For seniors, diet and nutrition is critical, but it doesn’t get easier with age.

When You and Your Mom Are Snapping at Each Other More, Respite Support at Assisted Living Could Be the Answer You BOTH Need

Most people have no idea just how stressful it can and often becomes (being a family caregiver) until they do that type of work firsthand.

Increased Activity, Even Part-Time with Respite Assisted Living Can Improve Confidence and Esteem Among an Aging Senior

Imagine your health and physical ability was in such decline that you had to stop doing some or many of the things you loved.

Yes, Assisted Living’s Respite Care Option CAN Potentially Boost Self-Esteem for Weary Family Caregivers (and Seniors)

February is International Boost Self-Esteem Month and as people get older and their physical abilities diminish (they lose strength, health issues increase, etc.), they may lose confidence in their abilities.

When the Year Already Feels Like it’s Slipping Away from You While Caring for an Aging Parent, Assisted Living Offers Relief, even Short-Term

It may seem that New Years Day is already well behind you, fast fading into the rearview mirror of your life, along with any potential resolutions to improve your life.