Is Dad’s Memory Loss due to Aging, or Dementia?

When Is It an Ideal Time to Consider Assisted Living for the Alzheimer’s Patient near Fairhope, AL? “One Family Discussing the topic of Assisted Living near Fairhope, AL” For Carl, the diagnosis of having Alzheimer’s was not only shocking; it led to a long bout of depression. He had never imagined in all his life […]

4 Common Questions about Assisted Living for Fairhope, AL., and Direct Answers

There are usually plenty of questions that people have regarding assisted living. Trying to find truthful, honest, and easy to understand answers can be challenging. On one hand, you may have been led to believe certain things about these facilities. Many people have misconceptions about assisted living and that tends to shape their perceptions into […]

10 Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Residence near Fairhope AL

Trying to decide which assisted living center would be the right one for you, or for a loved one, can be challenging. This is a major life change, especially if your moving into an assisted living facility from a house or apartment in which you’ve lived for many years. You’re going to be shifting from […]

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL: Improving Life for Your Loved One!

Making the move to an assisted living facility can be a tough transition for your loved one.  However, you can make a difference in how your loved one takes to their new living arrangement. There are several ways to improve their outlook on life in an assisted living facility: Visit more often. Spending time with […]

Assisted Living and Respite Care in Fairhope AL: – Mom Gets a Mini-Vacation at the Local Assisted Living Facility While the Family is at the Beach

One of the biggest challenges facing assisted living caregivers who are giving full time care to a senior loved one is finding time to relax, and enjoy some time off.  Because of the demands of their immediate family and their senior parent they can burnout quickly if they don’t take a break occasionally.  That’s where […]