It’s Tempting to Have an Aging Parent Move in with You, but Will They Be Surrounded by Peers, Activities, and a Safe Environment Like Assisted Living May Offer?

Assisted living gives seniors those opportunities and it might just be a better option that provides a higher quality of life for your aging parent than having him or her move in with you.

Long-Distance Support for an Aging Parent Who Has Moved into Assisted Living

Being witness to somebody getting older, somebody you’ve known all your life and care about is never easy. It could be a grandparent, parent, spouse, sibling, or somebody else you’ve known for decades. When that individual is having difficulty taking care of themselves at home, is not able to visit with friends and spends more […]

Learning Enough About Assisted Living Often Means Asking Questions and Taking a Tour

How do we learn about various topics? We may sit in a class, lecture, or seminar and have an individual provide us a lot of information. We might read books, watch videos, or have other methods by which we learn new things. Of course, learning new material often brings up questions and if we don’t […]

If You’re Wondering Why Mom (or Dad) Won’t Even Consider Assisted Living, It May Require You to ‘Wear Their Shoes’ for a Day

Do you honestly understand what your mother or father is going through as they get older? It’s easy to assume you know the challenges they face, especially when you go and visit and see them struggling to take the garbage out, have a difficult time just walking down the driveway to check the mail, or […]

Assisted Living Can Change Lives (for the Better)

A lot of people unfortunately presume that making a move to assisted living is a sign that the end of life is fast approaching. In reality, assisted living offers seniors incredible options that not only help them engage in life more, but also maintain a higher quality of life, thus improving their health, vitality, energy […]

“It’s Amazing How Busy Mom Is Now!” Assisted Living at Its Finest

When Betty was contemplating assisted living, her daughter was actually relieved. She had worried that her mother would be adamantly opposed to the idea of moving, especially having shared her current home with her father for more than 15 years. At the time, Betty was not busy. When she was living in that house, all […]

Emergency Preparation Training at Assisted Living Is Normal, and a Good Idea

Several weeks ago Tricia went to visit her mother at an assisted living facility. She tries to get over there to pay a visit at least once a week, but lately things have been a bit chaotic. Tricia’s job was taking a tremendous amount of time and energy, so it had been a few weeks […]

4 Signs Mom Should Think More About Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL Over time things began to develop. You started noticing your mother having more difficulty cleaning the house, taking care of certain things, and even struggling behind the wheel. Maybe she wasn’t completely upfront and honest with you regarding her driving record, but you learned recently she had been involved in […]

Key Signs Mom Would Do Better in Assisted Living

Assisted Living Fairhope AL You’ve been noticing your mother having difficulty at home. Maybe she’s denying any such trouble, but you see her gripping the handrail on the stairs tighter, bracing herself on the wall in the hallway as she makes her way to the bathroom, and using the chairs in the kitchen to get […]

Is Your Loved One Struggling to Take Care of Himself or Herself at Home? Have You Considered This Could be a Great Opportunity to Start Talking about Assisted Living?

How Do You Begin the Conversation about Assisted Living near Fairhope, AL with Your Loved One? With the New Year just about upon us, there may be various New Year’s resolutions, a new kind of hope, and even an eager anticipation for what 2015 will bring. If you have an elderly loved one who is […]