Key Signs Mom Would Do Better in Assisted Living

Assisted Living Fairhope AL You’ve been noticing your mother having difficulty at home. Maybe she’s denying any such trouble, but you see her gripping the handrail on the stairs tighter, bracing herself on the wall in the hallway as she makes her way to the bathroom, and using the chairs in the kitchen to get […]

Preparing a Loved One for a Move to Assisted Living

Theodore, AL – Preparing a Loved One for a Move to Assisted Living It took quite a bit of time for Stacy’s mother to finally agree that assisted living was the best option for her. Stacy had been worried about her mother’s well-being, especially because she had suffered a mild stroke not too long ago […]

Assisted Living near Theodore AL for Alzheimer’s Patient: What to Look For

Do you have an elderly loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Maybe you have been caring for him for some time, or she’s been cared for by her spouse, but you realize that it’s beginning to be too much. At some point, the topic of assisted living may come up. When it does, […]