Is It Possible to Force an Aging Senior into Assisted Living?

When you know that assisted living is the best option for a loved one, but according to their own estimation, they are obstinate, stubborn, and causing friction in the family.

“What If Everyone There’s a Gossip?” Concerns About Assisted Living Some Seniors May Have

Gossip. The act in which people discuss the behaviors, talk, and actions of other individuals. In many situations gossip can be hurtful, though the people spreading it may partake in such behavior for any number of reasons (not necessarily malicious). If an aging senior is considering assisted living as an option for their future, what […]

What to Do about So-Called ‘Unreasonable’ Rules at Assisted Living

Spanish Fort, AL – ‘Unreasonable Rules at Assisted Living When Michael’s adult children started talking to him about assisted living, he wasn’t too keen on looking into this living situation. He felt comfortable and safe in the home had been living for the past 10 years. Over time, though, he had to begin to admit […]

What Have You Been Told in Regards to Assisted Living? What is Your Perception?

The Benefits of a Personal Care Home near Spanish Fort, AL (and How You Can Express these to a Loved One) Convincing an elderly loved one that moving into a personal care home is the best option for them at this time may seem complicated. Depending on how long a person has lived in their […]

Senior Moving Services Help with the Transition to Assisted Living near Spanish Fort, AL

“One Senior Man’s Experience Moving into Assisted Living near Spanish Fort, AL” The morning broke a bit cooler than it had been in recent weeks. John appreciated this break, but he knew that this was going to be one of the longer days in recent memory. He was moving from his apartment, where he had […]

Dad’s Moving into Assisted Living near Spanish Fort, AL : Why It’s the Right Time, Considering His Alzheimer’s

“One Daughter’s Story near Spanish Fort, AL: Why her Dad chose to move into Assisted Living “ My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than a year ago, and while the doctors all told us the more significant aspects about this disease that we are all so familiar with wouldn’t begin to show for him […]

Alzheimer’s Care and Assisted Living near Spanish Fort AL:Why Assisted Living Makes Sense

Alzheimer’s disease is a common form of dementia.  This disease causes serious changes in a senior’s life.  It can weaken the thought processing ability.  This, in turn, causes drastic changes in the senior’s mood, behavior and memory.  The symptoms can vary in each person but in each person it progresses until more intensive levels of […]

Assisted Living in Spanish Fort AL: How Socialization Keeps Seniors Active and Independent

 There are so many great benefits that your loved one can receive when they join an assisted living facility.  While many families worry that their loved one will miss their homes, will not see their family as much, and that it will be difficult for their loved one to give up the freedom that they […]