When Viewed in the Right Manner, Assisted Living Can Be Truly Seen for the Positive Impact It Will Have on Life for Aging Seniors

Staying positive is not always easy, especially when facing extremely difficult circumstances. When an aging senior begins struggling with basic tasks at home, often referred to as Activities of Daily Living, they might turn to family and friends for assistance. At some point in time, though, they may need to look at other options, which […]

3 Clues Your Parent Is Worried About Her Safety and Already Wondering If Assisted Living Would Be Better

That 80-year-old parent of yours may appear stubborn at times, and though he or she isn’t yet willing to listen to you about assisted living, and maybe you’ve dropped the subject a long time ago, they might be giving off clues that they’re actually willing to once again hear you out on this subject. Below […]

If You Discovered a Few Key Facts About Assisted Living That Went Against Your Basic Beliefs, Would You Consider It for Yourself or Someone You Know?

Preconceived notions are essentially a part of life. We all have them. They lead to prejudices and even a complete misunderstanding about other people, businesses, and opportunities that may be available for us or somebody we know. One of these issues that can become clouded by preconceived notions is assisted living. Would you reconsider assisted […]

Will Mom’s Small Dog Be Allowed If She Were to Move into Assisted Living?

It’s taking you a long time to convince your mother to at least talk about assisted living. She’s finally willing to do that. Perhaps you breathed a sigh of relief when she finally said she would listen to you about this important topic. But right now, she’s asking about her beloved small dog. Immediately, you […]

Moving to Assisted Living Isn’t a Magic Pill: Seniors Still Need to Be Proactive in Order to Make the Most of This Incredible Opportunity!

It’s easy to assume that making certain decisions will solve every problem. Unfortunately, that often isn’t the case. In fact, it’s rarely the case. For example, a senior who ultimately decides assisted living would be a good asset for them may do so with some reluctance, more often by being pressured by family and friends. […]

Accepting That Mom Wants an Assisted Living Facility Closer to Friends

Your mother is advancing in years. You have been concerned about her well-being at home for some time. You know she is not as safe as she once was, and you wished she had more things to do during the day. You’ve talked about assisted living, especially since you don’t live close enough to her […]

Spending Too Much Time with a Senior Parent in Assisted Living Could Be Counterproductive

Your father wasn’t too keen on the idea of assisted living at first, but eventually he came around. You were relieved because looking after him was taking a toll. You didn’t have a lot of time, but because you live relatively close to him, everyone else in your family was looking to you to step […]

Will There Be Activities for Every Senior at Assisted Living?

Everyone has different interests. What may be interesting to one individual may be completely boring or of absolutely no interest to another. When seniors are considering assisted living, there’s a lot of talk about the various activities that go on in these facilities. Every assisted living facility is different. It’s important not to get caught […]

Does Technology Play a Role in Assisted Living?

Technology is just about everywhere in today’s life. We see technology in retail shops, with our phones and other communication devices, in healthcare, and almost every other aspect of modern life. When it comes to assisted living, technology is also a component of these facilities, but how much varies from one place to the next. […]

The Introvert and Assisted Living: Can They Get Along?

What does it really mean to be an introvert? Essentially, that means a person will spend more time by themselves, be less comfortable getting out to meet others and socializing, and may have extreme difficulty in a new living situation. When a person is an introvert, they may have extreme difficulty even contemplating assisted living. […]