10 Tips to Declutter the Home for a Downsized Move into Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Saraland AL Moving into assisted living is going to force most seniors to downsize, at least to some degree. Depending on their current living situation, whether it’s a three-bedroom house or an apartment or some other environment, it may be a significant or relatively minor downsize. Here are 10 simple tips that […]

What Can You Say to Dad When He Says You Only Talk About Assisted Living Because You Don’t Care

Assisted Living in Saraland AL Your father has a pretty good argument, or so you think. You keep talking about assisted living and he keeps bringing up the point that you just don’t care, which is why you keep bringing it up. You do care, but you probably get frustrated, angry, and defensive. When people […]

Five Lessons a Senior Learned by Choosing Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Saraland AL Chuck wasn’t the kind of guy who asked for help. He was a fiercely independent man who took care his family, his wife, and many of his friends. When his wife passed away, he felt completely devastated. It took a long time for him to get out of his depression […]

How Mom Can Improve Her Diet at Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Saraland AL For some time you’ve been worried about your mother’s health, especially the foods she eats. You’ve tried to keep up with her diet, checking the refrigerator, going shopping with her, and even going over there to help her prepare some meals, but you know she sneaks snacks, doesn’t really pay […]

Leaving the Stress of Home Maintenance Behind When Moving Into Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Saraland AL There are so many different reasons why people choose assisted living that it wouldn’t be possible or reasonable to try and list them in one article. One reason in particular, though, is the desire to get away from the hassles of maintenance that comes with a home. Just like people, […]

Assisted Living Can Unleash the Creative Force in You

Assisted Living in Saraland AL One thing Marjorie didn’t expect when she finally agreed to look into assisted living was the potential to explore her creative side. For the longest time her children had been encouraging her to at least consider the prospect of moving into an assisted living facility. At that time, she was […]

Why Assisted Living May Help Improve Dental Hygiene for the Senior in Your Life

Assisted Living in Saraland AL When you think about seniors, you might have a certain impression when it comes to oral health. Even if the senior in your life relies on dentures, she still needs to take care of her hygiene properly. There are number of benefits to moving into assisted living, including improving dental […]

5 Signs Dad Might be Leaning toward Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Saraland AL Maybe you’ve been trying to convince your elderly father to consider assisted living for some time but he never really took to the idea. Lately, though, things have been changing and he has been talking about a certain assisted living facility that is not too far away from home. In […]

5 Ways to Improve Life at Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Saraland AL Moving into assisted living can be a stressful event. Moving is one of the top stressors in life, right up there with losing a family member, losing a job, and more. Just because this may very well be the best option for a particular senior in your life, that doesn’t […]

3 Considerations to Make about Assisted Living for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Assisted Living in Saraland AL Somebody who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may feel like he or she is facing a long and dark road. The average life expectancy for somebody diagnosed with this form of dementia is between 8 and 10 years. Some people with Alzheimer’s can live 20 years or more after diagnosis, […]