A Family Member Caught in the Middle of a Fierce Discussion About Assisted Living Doesn’t Have to Remain There

Roger and Melissa lived in the same town in which they grew up. Brother and sister, they looked after one another and their parents as they got older. After their father passed away, both Roger and Melissa stepped up to take care of their mother. As time passed, though, and life pulled them in different […]

Learning to ‘Let Go’ Is Sometimes an Important Part of Aging Parents Getting More Comfortable in an Assisted Living Community

Assisted Living in Saraland AL: Seeing your mother or father, or both, getting older is never going to be easy.

What Happens When Both Spouses Require Different Levels of Care, and Are Considering Assisted Living for at Least One of Them?

Mike and Linda were in their early 80s. They had been married for more than 55 years. They celebrated incredible moments in life but were facing extreme challenges as they moved through their Golden Years. They both required some level of support and assistance, but their needs were different from one another. They began looking […]

Even After Choosing Assisted Living, It’s Still Important for the Elderly to Remain Actively Engaged in Life

It’s a wonderful thing when an elderly person ultimately realizes the value of assisted living, and when they choose this for their future, that’s only the beginning of the story. While every assisted living facility is different, it’s important for seniors to remain active wherever they choose to live. If they don’t, if they have […]

What Kind of Support Does Assisted Living Offer?

One of the most common questions people have when looking into assisted living, either for themselves or an aging parent, involves support. They might be asking, “What kind of support does this facility offer?” It’s an important question, of course, but the answer will differ from one community to the next. That’s why it’s so […]

Three Ways Assisted Living Just Might Help Seniors Improve Quality of Life

Life should be enjoyed. Whether a person is just starting out in their adult life or has reached retirement age, quality of life should always be essential. When people begin having difficulty with their own basic care when they reach their late 60s, 70s, or 80s, assisted living could be an option to consider. Some […]

Three Reasons Some Seniors Never Listen When It Comes to Assisted Living

For as many different seniors as there are in the world, there are plenty of reasons why some would never consider assisted living. Unfortunately, for those that never get around to realizing the benefits this senior care option offers, they don’t know what they’re missing. Below are three of the most common reasons that some […]

Would You Ever Consider Assisted Living? If Not, How Can You Convince a Loved One To?

Assisted living. Does it mean anything to you? Is it something you would ever consider for yourself? Far too many people don’t even contemplate this as an option for themselves in the future, yet they somehow want their aging parents, grandparents, or other family members to consider it for them. Why wouldn’t you consider it? […]

Tom Knows Assisted Living Is the Best Decision He Could Have Made

It wasn’t easy to get to this decision, but eventually Tom did. He eventually realized that moving into an assisted living facility would be a great option for him and his future. When his oldest daughter mentioned the prospect more than a year ago, he was actually insulted that she would even recommend such a […]

Crafts and Entertainment at Assisted Living

People often want to know what types of crafts, entertainment, and other activities take place at assisted living facilities. Every facility is different, so there’s no way to compare or overgeneralize what is available. What’s important, though, is that seniors who may be considering assisted living for their future realize the benefits in staying active […]