What Is Independent Senior Living?

One of the choices your senior has available if she’s considering a move is an independent senior living community. What does that entail?

When Mom Can No Longer Care for Her Beloved Pet, Is Assisted Living Even an Option?

You may assume your mother is going to have to give up this pet to make a move to assisted living, but that doesn’t have to be the case. 

Convincing Mom to Leave Her Assisted Living Room for More Than Meals Might Feel Almost Impossible, but It’s Not

Everyone’s different. It’s an age-old adage that essentially means what works for one individual may not be effective for another. Perhaps your elderly mother had reluctantly, over time, come to realize assisted living was a decent option for her, but she wasn’t all that enthusiastic. Even if she was, you’ve noticed she isn’t really leaving […]

When You’re Completely Burned Out Looking After an Aging Parent, It’s Time to Discuss Assisted Living … But HOW?

Every day seems to blend into one another. No, that’s not quite right… every day seems to slam into the next. You can’t seem to find time for yourself. You’ve been taking care of an aging parent for more than a few months, possibly even several years, and you are completely burned out. The stress […]

Transitioning Someone with Dementia to Assisted Living: What Do You Say?

Mildred was 78 and had been diagnosed with dementia more than five years ago. During that time her family was her primary support. Her husband had been great to her, but he passed away more than three years ago. Two adult children, some other family, and wonderful friends had stepped up to increase the level […]

Memory Care Assisted Living Might Very Well Be the Best Option for an Aging Senior Having Extreme Difficulties at Home

Somebody dealing with dementia is going to face memory related problems, especially as the disease progresses. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia and when an aging senior is progressing through this disease, they might be supported by a spouse, adult children, and other family members who live in the area, friends, and even neighbors, but […]

Starting Slow: Packing for a Move to Assisted Living Can Be Daunting for Some

After having lived in the same house for more than 43 years, Ethel was actually looking forward to a change. She had been widowed and living alone for more than three years and as it became more difficult for her to not just keep up with the general cleanliness of her house, but also its […]

Memory Care Assisted Living Is One of the Best Options for Those with Alzheimer’s

Dealing with Alzheimer’s is going to be challenging. Memory loss is one of the most significant signs of Alzheimer’s, and is usually what family and friends begin to pick up on before a formal diagnosis is handed down. When somebody is dealing with Alzheimer’s, they may become confused, frustrated, and even angry. They may even […]

What Happens If a Senior Is Hospitalized for Several Weeks While at Assisted Living?

It can happen. A person has moved into an assisted living community and is beginning to make friends, enjoys activities, and feels this was a great decision to make. Suddenly they experience a significant medical emergency. It could be a heart attack or stroke or something else. It could even be pneumonia. Whatever it is, […]

How Can You ‘Be There’ for Mom When You Live So Far Away? Assisted Living Could Be the Answer

It’s easy to say you want to be there for a loved one when they’re going through a difficult time, but when you live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from an aging parent, how can you actually do that? Assisted living could be the answer you didn’t realize you are looking for. What […]