Memory Care Assisted Living Is One of the Best Options for Those with Alzheimer’s

Dealing with Alzheimer’s is going to be challenging. Memory loss is one of the most significant signs of Alzheimer’s, and is usually what family and friends begin to pick up on before a formal diagnosis is handed down. When somebody is dealing with Alzheimer’s, they may become confused, frustrated, and even angry. They may even become belligerent to a spouse, children, friends, neighbors, and others.

Assisted Living in Mobile AL: memory Care Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Mobile AL: Memory Care Assisted Living

Memory care assisted living is something to consider.

A lot of people don’t want help. They may feel completely capable of taking care of themselves, at least for a while, but over time the challenges they face are going to become increasingly overwhelming and the way the disease affects the brain will also alter their behaviors.

Often, family is simply overwhelmed.

Far too often, when trying to support a family member who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other form of dementia, those family caregivers become overwhelmed. It is often a spouse or an adult child who lives in the area. At first, things seem to be okay, but they progressively get worse.

The memory loss can lead to extreme confusion. That confusion can lead to anxiety. That anxiety can lead to frustration. That frustration can lead to outbursts, both physical and verbal. When a person dealing with Alzheimer’s suddenly starts lashing out at people, calling them incredibly horrible names, accusing them of stealing or lying, and so much more, it hurts. Even though family understands how the disease affects the brain, hearing that from a person they love, somebody they trust, is never easy.

On top of that, not having any prior experience supporting somebody with Alzheimer’s can be a problem. This can lead to missed opportunities, wrong decisions, and a failure to provide the best support that offers the comfort that senior needs and deserves.

Memory care assisted living is specifically designed to support those with memory related challenges, including dementia, of which Alzheimer’s is a part. The staff at a memory care assisted living community will have direct experience working with seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

They will understand how memory loss affects the individual. They will know that sometimes it’s better to let them be, as long as they’re safe, rather than trying to engage them or “calm them down.”

They also understand the value of routine. Routine can offer comfort and is one of the most powerful assets in supporting somebody with Alzheimer’s. Anyone who has a family member diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia should talk about memory care assisted living early so the senior and others can realize its true value.

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Ashbury Manor’s Administrator since 2008, Cindy Johnson is a long-time expert in the assisted living field. Prior to her arrival at Ashbury Manor, Cindy managed acquisitions and crisis management for existing and new larger senior care project developments for eleven years. As regional manager for an Oregon-based assisted living management company, Cindy was directly responsible for operations for five 50-65 bed assisted living facilities. As manager during the transition to new ownership, Cindy reorganized internal operations and conducted leadership training for Executive Directors. As a result of her management and expertise, one of the company’s facilities (in Ocala, Florida) received a deficiency-free survey, resulting in the lifting of a moratorium on operation.

A nurse for 36 years, senior care has always been Cindy’s passion. Desiring to work more closely with residents, Cindy became a Category II Administrator in 2005. As Ashbury Manor’s Administrator, Cindy understands the complexities associated with dementia and cognitive impairment and she has fallen in love with seniors with dementia or cognitive impairment and their families.

Cindy is Treasurer of the local “Senior Coalition” chapter. She enjoys mentoring new candidates who want to become administrators.

As a 16-bed facility, with Cindy's training and experience, our residents and their families can be sure Ashbury Manor’s carefully selected staff provides the expertise of a larger facility while maintaining the individualized personal care of a small special needs home.
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