Choosing an Assisted Living Community Is a Personal Decision, Which Is Why the Senior Should Consider a Tour, If Possible

Planning any type of move is considered a very personal decision. Some people feel forced into these decisions because of circumstances beyond their control. For an elderly person whose family and friends might be trying to convince him or her this is something to consider, they may become defensive, belligerent, or even hostile to the […]

Adjusting to Assisted Living May Not Be Just the Senior’s Issue, but Their Family’s as Well

It’s easy to assume when an elderly person chooses assisted living the adjustment will only be theirs to make. Yes, they will have to adjust to this new life in this new home, but it’s not just going to be their life that changes, but possibly a spouse, adult children, and others who care about […]

There Are Many Options When It Comes to Assisted Living, Which Is Why Taking a Tour of the Facility Is So Important to Making the Right Choice

Across the country there are literally thousands upon thousands of assisted living facilities. Not all of them are the same. In fact, many of them are incredibly different from one another for a wide range of reasons. Some facilities are quite small, creating a more intimate atmosphere and a more personal relationship between the staff […]

Making Assisted Living Work for a Fiercely Independent Person

Roger is what people often called a ‘fiercely’ independent person. Widowed in his 60s, he never had interest in dating again. He rarely asked his family or friends for help around the house, even as he moved into his 70s and approaching 80. When he was 79 he was still getting the ladder out to […]

Memory Care Assisted Living Would Help a Senior with Dementia

There is no blueprint for dealing with dementia, either for oneself or a family member. It could be a parent, spouse, sibling, or somebody else, but when they are diagnosed with any form of dementia, which can include Alzheimer’s, thinking about long-term care is a vital, especially early on. There are plenty of options available. […]

Why Is Dad Not Getting Out and About at Assisted Living Right Now?

It took a long time for your father to finally come around and realize the value in assisted living. He was determined to support himself, living alone, as long as he could. However, he was lonely, couldn’t drive anymore, and his friends simply didn’t have the ability to visit with him. After a while, he […]

Assisted Living Is a Great Option for Seniors

It’s easy to assume that a person who needs extra help throughout the day can certainly rely on family and friends, but they need to think about the long-term issues that can arise from that. Many family members and even close friends, possibly even neighbors, may be more than willing to offer assistance, especially to […]

How Safe Is Assisted Living?

Safety is often a top concern for family members of elderly loved ones, especially when they are living alone. They might look into various options, including assisted living. They want their loved one to be as safe as possible, but how safe are these facilities? It depends on the facility. As with most things in […]

5 Tips to Adjust to a New Life in Assisted Living

Assisted living can offer many benefits for elderly individuals. A person doesn’t have to be dealing with a tremendous number of health related issues or physical limitations to enjoy life at one of these facilities. It is open to all seniors, whether they need any assistance at all or some level of help during the […]

3 Ways Assisted Living Can Improve Confidence for Seniors

Confidence is an interesting phenomenon. When people have confidence, it seems as though everything goes their way. That seems to add more confidence, which then improves various aspects of their life. It’s kind of the opposite of a catch 22. In a Catch-22 situation, when something begins to go wrong or is not allowed to […]