No, Mom and Dad Don’t Need to Live Separately When One Requires Assisted Living Support

It’s a personal choice that is dependent on one’s financial position in life, but there is no hard and fast rule that just because one parent requires assisted living the other has to say goodbye and remain where they were.

Choosing an Assisted Living Community Is a Personal Decision, Which Is Why the Senior Should Consider a Tour, If Possible

Planning any type of move is considered a very personal decision. Some people feel forced into these decisions because of circumstances beyond their control. For an elderly person whose family and friends might be trying to convince him or her this is something to consider, they may become defensive, belligerent, or even hostile to the […]

3 Reasons Dad is Going to Eat Healthier at Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Citronelle You may be worried about your aging father because he is not eating as healthy as he could at the moment. You have spent the last couple of years trying to convince him to consider assisted living and he has finally agreed to look into this option. One of your main […]