Following Your Head Makes Better Decisions About Assisted Living, but Sometimes Your Heart Gets in the Way

You know, analytically speaking, your elderly mother would be better served at assisted living.

Some Adult Children May Struggle to Accept an Aging Parent Moving into Assisted Living, but It’s Often the Better Option

She wasn’t alone anymore and when they realized the benefits of this particular assisted living facility, they were happy to support her.

Ways Seniors Can Truly Be Happy at Assisted Living

It cannot be understated just how important it is to find the right balance between calling and visiting too much and not calling or visiting at all.

3 Clear Signs an Aging Parent Would Benefit from Assisted Living

Quality of life often improves for most people when they finally see the benefits assisted living offers and agrees to move.

Independent vs. Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Chickasaw, AL – Independent vs. Assisted Living: What’s the Difference? As people age they will face increasing challenges, they will need to decide whether independent or assisted living is the right option for them. There are many similarities between independent living and assisted living, but there are also some significant differences that should be noted. […]

Have You Considered the Safety Benefits that Assisted Living Facilities Could Offer Your Loved One?

How Assisted Living near Chickasaw, AL Helps to Reduce Fall Risks “One Family’s Story with Concerns for their Senior Mom Cara near Chickasaw, AL” Cara did not like the idea of assisted living. Throughout her entire life, she had an idea that assisted living was just like nursing home care. The last thing she ever […]

Discover How Planning Ahead is Important for the Holiday Season just around the Corner if your loved one is in Assisted Living

Holidays at Assisted Living near Chickasaw, AL It might be a bit early to be thinking about the holiday season at the end of the year, but it is never too early to begin planning, especially for somebody who is at assisted-living. Various assisted-living communities throughout the country will have different rules and expectations when […]

How to Deal with Behavioral Issues at Assisted Living near Chickasaw, AL

Just as there are disputes, disagreements, and arguments within a household, these things also occur at assisted living. Controlling behaviors and other personality differences can create conflicts between seniors. These conflicts can either be minor misunderstandings or a full-blown mishap. In these instances, learning how to handle conflict instead of avoiding it is critical. When […]

Helping Your Mom with Alzheimer’s Transition to Assisted Living near Chickasaw AL

“ A daughter suggestions on moving her Mom into Assisted Living near Chickasaw AL” Mom has agreed to move in assisted living and while you’re still grappling with whether this is the best decision and move for her, you also know that she needs more care than she’s getting at home. You also know that […]

Negotiating Assisted Living near Chickasaw AL with a Love One!

You believe that your elderly loved one should be in assisted living, but any time that you bring up the subject, he or she tells you that they are more than happy living where they are and that they don’t really need assisted living. The first and most important thing to keep in mind when […]