Topics Like Assisted Living Have a Nasty Habit of Creating Tension in Otherwise Excellent Relationships

Tension happens in just about every relationship from time to time.

Overwhelmed with the Responsibilities of Home Life? Assisted Living Is an Option

Most adults can attest to the fact that taking care of a house, apartment, or other home environment can be difficult. With small children running around it becomes almost overwhelming. As we get older, though, as our children grow up, leave the house, and everything seems to quiet down, that doesn’t make things easier. In […]

Dad Refuses to Talk About Assisted Living: What Next?

It’s been months. You feel as though you’re slamming your head against the wall. You know your father isn’t safe at home. You don’t live close enough to be any real support. He’s refused to even talk about other care options. So, when you brought up the topic of assisted living, knowing the challenges he […]

Memory Care Assisted Living: Is It Right for Your Loved One?

Some time ago, a family member of yours was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. The doctor advised them to seriously consider long-term care options. That doctor was concerned about the safety and well-being of this individual in the years ahead. While they have been able to take care of themselves with only […]

Aging with Class at Assisted Living

What does it mean to age with class? It basically means a person is ‘aging well.’ In other words, that individual understands they are getting older, they understand the limitations, and they know full well that there are things they used to enjoy but can no longer pursue. It also means they’re staying active. When […]

Have a Checklist of Things to Do When Planning a Move to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL Some of the most experienced and successful business people in the world today got to where they are with a plan. They have planned, they set goals, and, when needed, they adjusted those goals. Part of making goals, including when you may be planning a move to assisted living, is […]

How Can You Pay for Assisted Living?

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL This is an important question for a lot of people. When you have an elderly family member who is considering assisted living for their future, it can bring a lot of relief. You may worry about their safety at home, and this would be a great opportunity for them to […]

3 Steps to Create a Smoother Transition to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL Getting ready for a move into assisted living can be stressful. This is especially true for a person who has lived in the same house for many years. Some seniors may have been in their home for decades. Making this transition can feel like one of the most stressful moments […]

Autumn, Assisted Living, and a More Exciting Coming Winter Season

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL Few people really want to think about autumn being just around the corner, because that means winter will be close on its heels. This is especially true for seniors. However, seasons change and that means it’s a good idea to be proactive and think about various care options, especially for […]

4 Key Things to Know About Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Fairhope AL Assisted living is a great option for seniors.  Whether they actually require assistance at home or not, this type of living situation can provide them comfort, the opportunity to be surrounded by other seniors who share similar interests, and take part in a variety of activities. Here are a few […]