Movie Time! How This Simple Activity Can Introduce Seniors to Many New Friends

Assisted Living in Theodore AL Watching movies can be a great pastime. Going out to the movies with friends can be a lot of fun, and that goes for teenagers all the way to seniors. For those seniors who have chosen assisted living, there are many activities going on throughout the week, and watching movies […]

3 Tips to Finding the Ideal Assisted Living Community for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Assisted Living in Theodore AL Your loved one was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year. You immediately started discussing the option of assisted living. The following 3 tips will help you when looking for an ideal assisted living community for someone with this progressive disease. 1. Determine what stage of Alzheimer’s your loved one is in. […]

Proximity of Assisted Living May be a Topic to Discuss with Dad

Assisted Living in Theodore AL Bringing up the topic of assisted living may seem like a difficult thing to do, but when he begins to realize the benefits and value of considering this senior care option, you two might begin looking at various facilities in the area. Location is sometimes a difficult thing to determine:  […]

4 Things Assisted Living Does Better to Care for Vision and Hearing Impaired

Assisted Living in Theodore AL Looking at the years ahead, a senior may be confronted with the prospect of relying on home care or moving into a family member’s house, or even considering assisted living. There are some benefits to each of these, but there’s a reason why assisted living may actually be better off […]

How Assisted Living Communities Keep Residents Safe from Severe Weather

Assisted Living in Theodore AL As we move through spring and head towards the summer months, severe weather becomes an increasingly important topic. Severe thunderstorms that can spawn tornadoes are prevalent across the Midwest, Southeast, and even the eastern portion of the country. The Pacific region of the United States is much less prone to […]

5 Important Questions to Ask when Deciding on Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Theodore AL If you or a loved one is looking at assisted living as a viable option, you may have a lot of questions. Questions are good. Questions help people delve into a particular topic much deeper and in more detail. If you don’t know what type of questions you should ask, […]