How to Maintain a Life Balance at Assisted Living

When a senior is able to maintain proper balance in life, no matter where they live, the quality of that life will improve.

Adapting to Assisted Living Might Take Some, So Don’t Give Up and Don’t Give in Too Quick

Don’t be so quick to pull them out, bring them home with you, or try to move them back into a different environment, such as a smaller apartment or condo. Encourage them. Listen to them.

Learning to Love Life Again Is Possible Once You Understand the True Value of Assisted Living

By choosing assisted living, seniors still maintain independence and full autonomy, but they suddenly have a place that offers the optimal level of support and some wonderful activities that can help them (once again) learn to love life each day.

Is It Possible to Force an Aging Senior into Assisted Living?

When you know that assisted living is the best option for a loved one, but according to their own estimation, they are obstinate, stubborn, and causing friction in the family.

Transitioning to Assisted Living Isn’t Easy for Most, and Family Is Going to Be an Invaluable Support at That Time

Making a move of any kind is going to be stressful. There’s no mistaking that simple fact. When a person in their late 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, or even older than that finally realizes that assisted living is a wonderful option to consider, they might be excited. They might have trepidation. They might be anxious. […]

Having Mom Move in Sounded Great at First, but Assisted Living Could Very Well Be a Better Option

At first, the idea made perfect sense. Just have your elderly mother move in with you and your family. Instead of having to drive over to her house after work every day, check in with her, help her do a few things around the house, make sure she was safe, and so on, you could […]

Is Memory Care Assisted Living Something a Family Should Discuss When an Aging Parent (or Grandparent) Has Recently Been Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s?

Roger was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. At 73, he still considered himself fit and healthy, at least for his age. The diagnosis wasn’t a complete surprise, though it wasn’t easy to hear or accept. He had been dealing with memory loss and other similar challenges for a couple of years; he just kept putting […]

How Long Might It Take an Aging Senior to Adjust to Assisted Living?

There are numerous questions people have about assisted living. One of the common questions family members may contemplate, especially if they are wondering whether this is the right thing to talk about with their aging mother or father, is how long it might take them to adjust. For some people, adjustment is almost instantaneous. Some […]

How Often Should You Consider Calling or Visiting an Aging Parent Who Has Just Moved to Assisted Living?

No matter how much convincing it took to get an aging parent or somebody else you care about to consider assisted living, it is certainly a relief when you no longer have to worry about them living alone. When they were at home alone, maybe you sat up late at night, unable to sleep, wondering […]

Why Assisted Living Is a Great Asset for Creative Seniors

Seniors can be creative just like anyone else. Unlike other adults, elderly men and women may very well be retired and have a lot of extra time to devote to various areas of interest. When an aging person is considering assisted living, they might be looking at a wide range of activities that could pique […]