Here Are Three Primary Reasons Memory Care Assisted Living Is So Important for a Senior Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and for somebody recently diagnosed with this disease, it’s a good idea that she understands things will always be as they are.

Validating a Senior’s Concerns About a Major Life Move (Such as to Assisted Living)

By validating an aging senior’s concerns about making a major life move, it empowers them.

There Are Generally Three KEY Reasons Seniors Don’t Want to Discuss Assisted Living

In truth, when the benefits, safety, activities, and even dining options are calculated in, assisted living is a reasonable option for many seniors.

A Supportive, Loving Approach to Discussing Assisted Living Among Family

Talking about moving into an assisted living is not easy but the prospect of being active, making new friends, and even reconnecting with people is appealing.

Convincing an Aging Senior to Let Go of So Many Belongings to Move Into Assisted Living Can Often Be a Difficult Process

It’s a modern phenomenon that we experience in Western civilization. We gather up so many items, save things we have no reason to save, and before we know it, garages are packed full of items, attics are stuffed full, and we have storage units where we spend hundreds of dollars every month just to keep […]

You Can Handle This Situation: When Mom Demands That You Spend All Day with Her at the Assisted Living Community

Your mother recently moved into an assisted living community. You were relieved when she finally accepted the possibility of this option. You took her on a tour of a couple of facilities in the area and, because she had a few friends at one particular community, that’s the one she chose. You knew this was […]

Understanding Precisely What an Aging Parent Will Need at Assisted Living Can Be Integral in Choosing the Best Facility

What does it mean to ‘choose the right assisted living facility?’ That depends on the individual. Everyone will have a different opinion about what would be optimal in various living situations. Some seniors will simply not want to move from their current home. As people get older, the physical challenges they face are going to […]

Finding a Good Assisted Living Home for an Aging Parent Should Include Them in the Process

Searching out the perfect ‘facility’ for an elderly parent may seem like a daunting task, especially for adult children who have never done this before, but it’s far too easy to leave that senior out of the process. Assisted living is a wonderful option for people who have difficulty taking care of themselves or who […]

Making This Assisted Living Community Feel Like Home

Mary wasn’t thrilled about the idea of leaving her home, but she fully recognized the challenges she was facing. She simply couldn’t take care of the house any longer. Her husband of more than 50 years passed away a couple of years ago and in his absence, she realized just how much he had done […]

Can Both Parents Live Together in Assisted Living?

Growing older together sounds like a romantic idea for younger, healthier, stronger adults. For those who are in their 70s, 80s, or even 90s, being able to spend that much of their life with the person who is, essentially, their best friend can be a blessing. However, when a couple begins struggling with their own […]