Three Common Rewards for Choosing Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL Making the choice to move into an assisted living community is a great one for any senior, regardless of age. There are so many benefits to choosing assisted living over any other senior care option that it was difficult to narrow them down for this article. Below are three rewards […]

Talking About Assisted Living Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Care

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL One of the easiest things people think when they want to talk to an aging parent or other loved one about assisted living is that they just don’t care. “If I talk to mom about this,” you might think, “she’s just going to assume I don’t want to take care […]

Making the Most of Time with Family Through an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL During the first few weeks after Elizabeth had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, she had a great deal of support and an outpouring of affection from her family and friends. It was a difficult time for her, her husband, and the rest of her family, but having that extra support made […]

3 Ways Assisted Living Leads to More Independence for Seniors

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL Considering a move to assisted living may have the propensity to cause the senior to feel as though he or she will be giving up a significant part of his or her independence. Living in one’s own home, whether it’s a house, condo, townhome, apartment, or other living environment, certainly […]

What’s In Your Loved One’s Fridge and More Could Be Signs It’s Time for Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL Maybe you have gotten in the habit of calling your dad once or twice a week to check in and see how he is doing. Since your mom passed, you have been worried about your dad being all alone in that big house. If you call and ask, he will […]

3 Ways to Make Life at Assisted Living Even Better for Aging Seniors this Year

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL There are a number of things seniors and their family members can do to help make the transition to assisted living easier and more comfortable. Here are three ways you and other members of your family can actually make a positive difference in an elderly loved one’s life (as well […]

Assisted Living is a Great Option for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL World Alzheimer’s Day is September 21st and when you know somebody who has been diagnosed with this form of dementia, you may be wondering what type of options are best for them with regard to care. You want what’s best for them at all times, and maybe they have expressed […]

The Vast Differences in Modern Assisted Living Communities Compared to Years Past

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL In the past, assisted living communities were often closely associated with nursing homes. However, assisted living today is not even remotely close to what it was in the years past. There are many differences and we will list just a few of them here. Difference #1: More responsive staff. In […]

The Right Team is the Winning Combination for Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Citronelle AL What makes up a winning team? Whether you’re talking about a professional sports team, a company, or anything else, teamwork is important to winning and achieving goals that had been set forth by leaders of those teams. When you’re talking about assisted living, teamwork is tantamount to creating a positive […]