How Can an Aging Senior Feel More at Ease Emptying Their Home as They Transition to Assisted Living?

It may sound like a harsh word: ‘emptying,’ at least in reference to cleaning out one’s home, going through personal possessions, and ‘thinning things out’ in order to move.

Transitioning to Assisted Living Can Be Stressful, Even When the Senior Is Excited

It’s a good idea not to assume an aging senior will be completely fine moving into assisted living.

Three Reasons It’s Not Healthy to Spend All Day with Mom at Assisted Living

Three simple reasons why it’s not healthy to either spend all day on the phone checking in with her or visiting daily when she first moves into an assisted living facility.

3 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Ideal Assisted Living Facility for Mom

You understand that assisted living is one of the best options for aging seniors.

While Mom Might Certainly Benefit from Assisted Living, Dad’s Not Ready for That Move

Trying to convince aging parents that assisted living is a great option to consider can often feel like trying to herd cats.

‘Knowing’ the Topic of Assisted Living Is Going to Be Met with Anger, What Can You Do When You Feel Out of Options?

Don’t make assumptions; some seniors are already open for a change from their isolated, lonely life when they struggle daily. Assisted living offers that, and much more.

Experienced Staff at Assisted Living Can Certainly Help with Some Basic Daily Activities

It can certainly be difficult struggling to get through each day, especially with your health in decline, your physical capabilities diminishing, and if you’re navigating the days with your best friend, your spouse. Getting older is not for the faint of heart. It takes an emotional and mental resolve that is often developed through the […]

5 Questions to Ask a Loved One when Discussing Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Daphne, AL The first time Wilma’s family approached her about assisted living, she was adamantly against the idea. She had been living in the same house for more than 30 years and had no intention of leaving. She assumed they were concerned about her well-being since her husband recently passed away, but […]

Assisted Living Communities May Help Seniors Feel Better About A Lot of Things

Daphne, AL – Assisted Living May Help Seniors Feel Better Tom was adamantly against his family’s suggestion of moving to an assisted living community. The last thing he wanted to consider was packing up his belongings and moving from the house he living in for the last 45 years. He and his wife had purchased […]

What Options Are There for Someone Who has to Downsize and Move Into Assisted Living? Find Out a Few Here.

Downsizing in Winter for a Move to Assisted Living near Daphne, AL Whenever a person makes the decision to move into assisted living, it will generally mean they have to downsize from their current residence. Downsizing is a process in which you are going to be moving from a home that you’ve lived in for […]