The Menu at an Assisted Living Facility Could Tell Seniors (and Their Family) a Lot About Its Focus on Overall Care for Its Residents

For those who may be looking into assisted living, either for themselves or a family member, there are many factors that come into play. Trying to decide which facility might be best is not always easy. The senior may want to stay close to where they are, even if that means they’re not moving closer to family (who would likely love to have him or her a little closer for easier visits). They also may be more drawn to wonderful activities or entertainment.

Assisted Living in Satsuma AL: Dining Facilities

Assisted Living in Satsuma AL: Dining Facilities

One thing that commonly gets overlooked is the dining options.

A quality assisted living facility will have a wonderful dining option for every resident. In the past, these dining facilities may have resembled high school cafeterias instead of high-quality or upscale restaurants, but a decent, quality assisted living community will now have what appears to be an actual restaurant in the facility, complete with a well rated chef.

Go on a tour.

It’s easy to look at pictures and even videos online, at the assisted living facility’s website, for example, and even see some of the options available, but nothing beats an in-person, physical tour of the facility to get a true sense of what it would be like to live there.

These tours are usually at designated times during the week.

Many facilities reserve tours for the weekends, when it may be less intrusive for their residents. A quality assisted living facility is first and foremost going to be concerned with the comfort, safety, and security of their residents. It may be necessary for individuals who want to go on a tour to rearrange their schedule rather than hoping the facility will accommodate them.

Once you go on a tour, make sure to ask specific, pointed questions.

Staff members and administrators at quality assisted living facilities will be more than willing and able to answer numerous questions prospective residents and their families may have. One of these questions should be about the dining facilities.

On this tour, you will likely be led through the dining facility. Take a look around at the area, the tables, lighting, and even request to see what the kitchen itself looks like. Is it clean? Is it well lit? What about the menu? Does it offer plenty of variety that will appeal to the senior who is considering this particular facility?

The dining facility and the menu can provide some valuable insight into whether or not this particular assisted living facility is truly dedicated to offering residents a wonderful experience once they move in.

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About Cindy Johnson

Ashbury Manor’s Administrator since 2008, Cindy Johnson is a long-time expert in the assisted living field. Prior to her arrival at Ashbury Manor, Cindy managed acquisitions and crisis management for existing and new larger senior care project developments for eleven years. As regional manager for an Oregon-based assisted living management company, Cindy was directly responsible for operations for five 50-65 bed assisted living facilities. As manager during the transition to new ownership, Cindy reorganized internal operations and conducted leadership training for Executive Directors. As a result of her management and expertise, one of the company’s facilities (in Ocala, Florida) received a deficiency-free survey, resulting in the lifting of a moratorium on operation.

A nurse for 36 years, senior care has always been Cindy’s passion. Desiring to work more closely with residents, Cindy became a Category II Administrator in 2005. As Ashbury Manor’s Administrator, Cindy understands the complexities associated with dementia and cognitive impairment and she has fallen in love with seniors with dementia or cognitive impairment and their families.

Cindy is Treasurer of the local “Senior Coalition” chapter. She enjoys mentoring new candidates who want to become administrators.

As a 16-bed facility, with Cindy's training and experience, our residents and their families can be sure Ashbury Manor’s carefully selected staff provides the expertise of a larger facility while maintaining the individualized personal care of a small special needs home.
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