It Takes Time to Adjust to a New Living Situation, Including Assisted Living

In most likelihood, almost every adult in this country has moved at least once. They might have moved into their own apartment after leaving their parents’ house, may have gone off to college, and probably have moved several times since. It’s one of the biggest stressors in life. When a person reaches a certain age […]

An Eagerness for New Activities and Friends Is What Leads Many Seniors to Assisted Living

What is it about assisted living that draws so many seniors to look into this for their future? Yes, there are plenty of elderly men and women who don’t even want to consider the idea of moving out of their house, but for every single aging person in this country who wants to remain at […]

The Challenge of Being So Far Away from Mom When Talking About Assisted Living

When you took this job, you knew it meant moving across the country. You were close to your mother growing up and throughout your young adult life. You had a great relationship, but despite your trepidation and reservations, she was one of your most ardent supporters, encouraging you to take this opportunity. You’ve missed her […]

Is It Better for an Aging Parent to Remain Home, Despite Their Challenges, Than to Discuss a Different Option, Like Assisted Living?

Having questions is a natural process of figuring things out. When it comes to an aging parent who may wish to remain home, or feels as though he or she doesn’t really have a choice, it may seem as though recommending assisted living or any other type of option is the wrong thing. Why would […]

Three Reasons Some Seniors Are Thrilled to Have Made the Choice of Assisted Living

Making the choice to move into an assisted living community can feel wonderful for a lot of seniors. Some elderly men and women, though, are a bit reluctant. They may feel as though they don’t have any other viable option or they were pressured into this by their children or other family members. At the […]

Is It Better to Let Mom Settle in to Assisted Living or Visit Daily?

Your mother may have been reluctant at first to choose assisted living, but she grew tired of taking care of the house, trying to keep it clean, and still seeing it falling apart around her. She had been alone for more than 10 years since your father passed away and it was a difficult transition […]

Is Mom Being Too ‘Picky’ About Assisted Living?

Your mother has been driving you crazy lately. It took a long time for you to convince her to consider assisted living. She seemed to be stubbornly opposed to the idea until she started to realize how much stress and anxiety you were facing supporting her on your own. You have a full-time job, a […]

How Can One Help an Aging Parent Find Their ‘New’ Home at Assisted Living?

As people get older, they will face an increased risk of certain challenges. Whether it’s health related, due to diminished strength, or other factors, it may become extremely difficult for them to support themselves at home. For these men and women, assisted living can be a great option to consider. It’s not always easy to […]

Planning Ahead: Why Assisted Living Is a Great Idea for Seniors

Most of us, as we build and raise families, are admonished to think about the future. We are told to plan ahead. Plan for retirement. Plan for contingencies. Make sure our families are going to be taken care of in the event something happens to us. While some of us do put away money, get […]

Key Elements to Broaching the Topic of Assisted Living with Mom

It’s late at night. You’re lying in bed staring up at the ceiling. Maybe the ceiling fan is slowly moving some of that air-conditioned air around. It feels good, but you still can’t sleep. You know it’s well past time to talk about a situation with your elderly mother. You just worry about how she […]