One Senior Man Considering the Possibility of Moving into an Assisted Living Facility

It’s Time To Listen When Dad Mentions Assisted Living Near Satsuma, AL, It has been a few years now that your father has been living alone. During the first several months after your mother passed away, you and maybe some siblings would check on him regularly. You wanted to make sure he was recovering, that […]

What is Your Interpretation of Assisted Living?

They Do That? Assisted Living, Myths, and Reality near Satsuma, AL When you hear the term “assisted living,” what do you think about? If you are like far too many Americans, you probably have a number of misconceptions about it. The reason for this is that Hollywood and other places have created the illusion of […]

One Woman’s Story: The Surprise of Assisted Living near Satsuma, AL

I had been living on my own for more than 65 years. I left home in a fit when I was 16, enlisted in the Army during the tail end of World War II, and never looked back. I married at 23, bought my first home at 25, and was self sufficient through all of […]

Assisted Living for Alzheimer’s near Satsuma AL: The Time to Plan is Now

“A Family’s story near Satsuma AL” Your father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and while you and the rest of your family continues to try and cope with this revelation, you need to pull yourself together long enough to focus on planning for the future. Each individual will have different needs, different preferences, and […]

Benefits of Choosing Assisted Living for Your Elderly Loved One! – Assisted Living in Satsuma AL

The decision to move your elderly loved one to an assisted living facility is often a difficult one that the whole family should make together.  In addition to having to find the right assisted living facility for your loved one, you will slowly have to discuss the decision with them, and let them know that […]

Why I’m Thankful for Assisted Living for My Mother in Satsuma AL

As November rolls in upon us, I think it’s fitting to spend the entire month being thankful for the things that I have in life, the things that my family has, and to the people who make life much better for everyone I know.  One of the things that I am thankful for this year […]