As Autumn Peaks Around the Corner, Now Is a Perfect Time to Talk About Assisted Living

With winter looming around the corner, it can feel frustrating for somebody in their late 70s, 80s, or 90s to constantly keep up with the demands that autumn brings. Relief can come in the form of assisted living.

Tips to Help an Aging Senior Find a Quality Assisted Living Facility

Convincing an aging senior that assisted living is the best option for them at this point in their life may not be as simple as it sounds.

Now You KNOW Something Has to Change, but What’s the Next Step in Convincing Your Aging Father Assisted Living Is the Best Choice?

Don’t just try to tell him what he should be thinking, feeling, or doing; listen to his words, his concerns, his doubts, etc.

3 Common Misconceptions about Assisted Living

Theodore, AL – 3 Common Misconceptions about Assisted Living Introducing the idea of moving into assisted living to an elderly loved one may feel very uncomfortable.  A lot of people hold negative feelings about assisted living.  This feelings could be fueled by common myths and misconceptions.  Below are three common misconceptions many people have about […]

Preparing a Loved One for a Move to Assisted Living

Theodore, AL – Preparing a Loved One for a Move to Assisted Living It took quite a bit of time for Stacy’s mother to finally agree that assisted living was the best option for her. Stacy had been worried about her mother’s well-being, especially because she had suffered a mild stroke not too long ago […]

Do You Know What Services That Most Assisted Living Facilities Offer? Find Out the Most Common.

Common Services at Assisted Living Communities near Theodore, AL Looking into assisted living can be potentially a very traumatic experience for certain individuals. For those who had been reluctant to even consider moving into an assisted living facility because they had preconceived notions about them, they may not understand what type of services exist at […]

What Do I Need to Take with Me For My Move Into Assisted Living?

Planning a Safe Stay at Assisted Living in Theodore, AL Moving into assisted living is often considered a significant life decision. An elderly individual who has realized that he or she can no longer maintain their home or wants to live in a community with other elderly individuals may choose an assisted living facility as […]

Home is Where the Heart is: How to Make Assisted Living Feel Like Home near Theodore, AL

There is a common and old adage that states: home is where the heart is. It can mean a lot of things to many different people, but it generally states that where you live isn’t as important as how you live. You could be just as happy and comfortable in an apartment as you might […]

Assisted Living near Theodore AL for Alzheimer’s Patient: What to Look For

Do you have an elderly loved one who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s? Maybe you have been caring for him for some time, or she’s been cared for by her spouse, but you realize that it’s beginning to be too much. At some point, the topic of assisted living may come up. When it does, […]

Dad Wants to Move in with You, Assisted Living near Theodore AL is the Better Option: How to Talk about These Issues

“ Story concerning how to discuss Assisted living when Dad wants to live with you” The other day you called your father to check on him.  Ever since he’s been alone in a relatively large home (too large for him, you think), you’ve been concerned about his health and well-being.  He keeps mentioning that he […]