Three Amazing Benefits a Quality Assisted Living Facility Offers Older Americans

Assisted living may have a certain connotation within the minds of some people.

Three Common Excuses Some Seniors May Use to Refuse Assisted Living (and Why Knowing These May Help)

If you don’t want to do something, what is (generally) your response? You refuse, right? An aging senior might have difficulty taking care of their house, are constantly calling family and friends for assistance with a variety of tasks, and the topic of assisted living may come up.

Here Are Three Primary Reasons Memory Care Assisted Living Is So Important for a Senior Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

September is World Alzheimer’s Month and for somebody recently diagnosed with this disease, it’s a good idea that she understands things will always be as they are.

Validating a Senior’s Concerns About a Major Life Move (Such as to Assisted Living)

By validating an aging senior’s concerns about making a major life move, it empowers them.

There Are Generally Three KEY Reasons Seniors Don’t Want to Discuss Assisted Living

In truth, when the benefits, safety, activities, and even dining options are calculated in, assisted living is a reasonable option for many seniors.

A Supportive, Loving Approach to Discussing Assisted Living Among Family

Talking about moving into an assisted living is not easy but the prospect of being active, making new friends, and even reconnecting with people is appealing.

Have You Once Considered Asking Mom What She Wants in Regards To Elder Care, Since It Is Ultimately Her Decision?

Dealing with Different Opinions from Family Members about Assisted Living near Pascagoula, AL It’s not always easy to get a single family to agree about certain issues. When it comes to assisted living for an elderly loved one, there are likely going to be numerous opinions. So how can you deal with various and differing […]

Stop! It’s Not Your Decision to Make

What Role Does Family Have with Assisted Living Decisions near Pascagoula, AL? “ A Daughter Making a Decision that is Not Hers to Make” Nicole has been trying to convince her father that it was time to seriously consider moving out of his relatively large house. He had been living in this house since long […]

Five Memory Loss Care Strategies for Assisted Living in Pascagoula, AL

Providing elderly care can be difficult but memory loss presents a whole new set of needs and challenges. There are assisted living facilities specifically designed for seniors suffering with memory loss. Assisted Living uses the following strategies to improve the quality of life in a person dealing with memory loss. Areas of care that will […]

Mom Wants to Leave Assisted Living near Pascagoula AL: What to Do?

“ One Daughter’s Story near Pascagoula AL” Mom wasn’t the one who really cared about assisted living. She had been living alone for so long, I think she was used to it. I also knew that as many of her friends had passed away or moved on, she was spending more and more of her […]