What Happens When an Aging Senior Chooses Assisted Living, but They Find Themselves Surrounded by Others with Dementia?

This is certainly a question that can sometimes be overlooked until that senior is dealing with the effects directly.

What Time of the Year Is the Best Time to Move into Assisted Living?

When an elderly person moves into assisted living for the first time, there will be a lot to explore.

Active Seniors (or Seniors Who WISH to Be More Active) Invariably Find Assisted Living a Great ASSET in Later Life

Getting older can be exciting for some, but it’s going to bring along with it a few challenges unique to seniors, namely losing muscle and strength and therefore having more difficulty performing even the most basic tasks of everyday life.

Is There Any Significant Difference Between Regular Assisted Living and Memory Care AL?

Assisted living can be a wonderful option for those seniors struggling with basic care at home. It can provide people the opportunity to live as independently as they want or can, given their physical capacity, but also rely on experienced staff members for help just about any time during the day. Some people have questions, […]

Do You Know the Best Way to Address the Topic of Assisted Living with a Loved One? A Good Start would be stressing all the Positive attributes.

Dad Was So Miserable: How I Convinced Him to Move to Assisted Living in Mobile, AL “ One Senior Man Finally agreeing to Move to an Assisted Living Facility in Mobile, AL” For the longest time, my father seemed to be completely miserable at home. He was lonely and wasn’t really doing much at all. […]