Could an Empty Fridge Be a Sign It’s Time for an Aging Parent to Consider Assisted Living?

Life can become extremely hectic. It happens to most of us from time to time: we get home, feel hungry, and just want something to snack on or a quick meal and discover the refrigerator is completely empty. Frustrated, we march out to the store and spend far more than we should have (because most […]

The Right Assisted Living Facility Will Be Easy to Find

Trying to find the right place for dad may not seem to be easy. He may be a fickle individual. He might be concerned about his independence and autonomy when considering assisted living. You might have a difficult time trying to figure out which place would be ideal for him. It’s not going to be […]

Have You Ever Wondered What Benefits an Assisted Living Community Could Offer Mom? Let Me Help Enlighten You.

Creativity, Assisted Living, and Incredible Opportunities near Citronelle, AL Requiring any type of assistance as you get older can leave you feeling as though you are losing your independence. For many people, the notion of assisted living is something that they don’t want to consider. However, there are numerous benefits to living in an assisted […]

Dad Refuses to even Visit an Assisted Living Facility near Citronelle, AL: Is there Anything I Can Do?

If you have been trying to convince your elderly father that it is time to consider assisted living, you may experience a great deal of resistance. Many seniors resist the idea of moving into assisted living because they would prefer to remain at home. This could be due to their comfort level at home, especially […]

Memory Care Assisted Living for the Dementia Patient near Citronelle AL

A person who has been diagnosed with dementia will experience a gradual degradation of their mental capacity. They will experience memory loss, difficulty concentrating at times, and other mental health problems. It’s important to find them the right level of care that will help them delay the onset or severity of some of the more […]

Assisted Living or In-Home Care for Citronelle AL: Which is Better?

If your elderly loved one is having some difficulty living at home, then your first instinct might be to recommend that they consider moving into assisted living. However, they might not want to move yet, so what are their options?  When you begin to research the different options, you’ll likely come across live-in home care. […]

What I Heard about Assisted Living in Citronelle AL vs. What I Learned !

If you’re anything like me, at least the way I was when I first started looking into care options for my aging father, then you have some preconceive ideas, or notions about assisted living.  There are so many myths about it, especially because of stories that we hear about in the news or worse, the […]