Step-by-Step: Making Assisted Living Work for You

One of the biggest challenges people have in making certain things work for themselves or a loved one is that they don’t have experience. Most people don’t have much experience with assisted living, either for themselves or an aging parent or other loved one.

Assisted Living in Satsuma AL: Making Assisted Living Work for You

Assisted Living in Satsuma AL: Making Assisted Living Work for You

When looking into assisted living, there may be a number of preconceived notions, misconceptions, and questions about it. Below is a step-by-step guide that can help people make this elder care option work best for them.

Step #1: Learn more about it.

Instead of making assumptions that this is no different than nursing home care, learn what it is. Assisted living is just that: living with assistance. Some people require minimal or no support at all throughout the day while others in these facilities require some amount of physical assistance to help them with any number of tasks.

Step #2: Go on a tour.

Most assisted living facilities across the country provide tours for people to come and visit and see what they offer. It is highly recommended that an elderly person and his or her family, friends, or others who support them go on at least one of these tours to see what these communities are truly like.

Step #3: Be honest about expectations.

If somebody has high expectations about this or some other senior care option, they may be disappointed. People who choose assisted living may not be world travelers anymore, but they may still be interested in doing a number of activities.

Step #4: Be clear on what is acceptable at this facility.

From furniture, pets, and other items, the senior may have to get rid of a lot of things he or she has in their home, especially if they have been living in the same place for many years and have accumulated a lot of items.

Step #5: Meet other seniors.

When the elderly person finally moves into this new home environment, they should be encouraged to get out there, with other seniors, take part in certain activities, check out the entertainment facility, and even the dining establishment.

When they begin meeting others, they will start to form new friendships. They may even reconnect with friends they had a long time ago but lost touch with through the years.

When seniors follow these steps, they will more often than not realize that assisted living is truly a wonderful option to consider and can provide them the best support in their Golden Years.

If you or an aging loved one are considering assisted living in Satsuma, AL, contact Ashbury Manor Specialty Care and Assisted Living at 251-317-3017.

About Cindy Johnson

Ashbury Manor’s Administrator since 2008, Cindy Johnson is a long-time expert in the assisted living field. Prior to her arrival at Ashbury Manor, Cindy managed acquisitions and crisis management for existing and new larger senior care project developments for eleven years. As regional manager for an Oregon-based assisted living management company, Cindy was directly responsible for operations for five 50-65 bed assisted living facilities. As manager during the transition to new ownership, Cindy reorganized internal operations and conducted leadership training for Executive Directors. As a result of her management and expertise, one of the company’s facilities (in Ocala, Florida) received a deficiency-free survey, resulting in the lifting of a moratorium on operation.

A nurse for 36 years, senior care has always been Cindy’s passion. Desiring to work more closely with residents, Cindy became a Category II Administrator in 2005. As Ashbury Manor’s Administrator, Cindy understands the complexities associated with dementia and cognitive impairment and she has fallen in love with seniors with dementia or cognitive impairment and their families.

Cindy is Treasurer of the local “Senior Coalition” chapter. She enjoys mentoring new candidates who want to become administrators.

As a 16-bed facility, with Cindy's training and experience, our residents and their families can be sure Ashbury Manor’s carefully selected staff provides the expertise of a larger facility while maintaining the individualized personal care of a small special needs home.
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