How Can You ‘Be There’ for Mom When You Live So Far Away? Assisted Living Could Be the Answer

It’s easy to say you want to be there for a loved one when they’re going through a difficult time, but when you live hundreds or even thousands of miles away from an aging parent, how can you actually do that? Assisted living could be the answer you didn’t realize you are looking for. What […]

Assisted Living Is a Great Option for Seniors

It’s easy to assume that a person who needs extra help throughout the day can certainly rely on family and friends, but they need to think about the long-term issues that can arise from that. Many family members and even close friends, possibly even neighbors, may be more than willing to offer assistance, especially to […]

What Can the Menu Tell You About an Assisted Living Facility?

Trying to help a family member, such as a parent, find out whether assisted living is right for them is not always easy. This is especially true when that mother or father seems adamant about staying where they are. It’s important to respect their decision. Even though a person may be adamant that their mother […]

Aging with Class at Assisted Living

What does it mean to age with class? It basically means a person is ‘aging well.’ In other words, that individual understands they are getting older, they understand the limitations, and they know full well that there are things they used to enjoy but can no longer pursue. It also means they’re staying active. When […]

Tom Knows Assisted Living Is the Best Decision He Could Have Made

It wasn’t easy to get to this decision, but eventually Tom did. He eventually realized that moving into an assisted living facility would be a great option for him and his future. When his oldest daughter mentioned the prospect more than a year ago, he was actually insulted that she would even recommend such a […]

The Introvert and Assisted Living: Can They Get Along?

What does it really mean to be an introvert? Essentially, that means a person will spend more time by themselves, be less comfortable getting out to meet others and socializing, and may have extreme difficulty in a new living situation. When a person is an introvert, they may have extreme difficulty even contemplating assisted living. […]

Key Elements to Broaching the Topic of Assisted Living with Mom

It’s late at night. You’re lying in bed staring up at the ceiling. Maybe the ceiling fan is slowly moving some of that air-conditioned air around. It feels good, but you still can’t sleep. You know it’s well past time to talk about a situation with your elderly mother. You just worry about how she […]

Making the Transition to Assisted Living Smoother

Moving into an assisted living facility may not be what an elderly person always dreamed about. This may, in fact, be one of the last things they want to consider, but after they started to contemplate their own limitations, the struggle their loved ones were facing just helping them out, and what the future could […]

Exploring a New Home in Assisted Living

It may have taken many months or even years to convince your elderly mother to consider assisted living. She was content where she was, in the home she shared with your father for more than five decades. Maybe you and the rest of your siblings were raised there. Maybe this is the only place she’s […]

When Mom Refuses Assisted Living, What Can You Do?

It’s been frustrating, to say the least. In fact, you may have never felt as frustrated in your entire life as you do now. Your mother, even though you know she’s not safe at home and even though you are absolutely convinced she would benefit from assisted living, won’t look into the option. You’ve been […]