As the Days Shorten, More Opportunities for Exciting Activities May Await at Assisted Living

When seniors realize they can still live independently, be surrounded by peers their own age who share common interests and can still visit with friends and family whenever they want, they become much more open to the prospect of assisted living.

Convincing Mom That Assisted Living Doesn’t Have to Happen Overnight; In Fact, It May Take a Few Months

It might take time to convince your mother that assisted living is the right option, but don’t try to force it into an overnight solution.

3 Ways to Tell If It’s Time to Move a Loved One to Assisted Living

It’s been tough. You’ve been looking after your aging parent for several weeks, possibly even months. Maybe they live too far away for you to really be effective. It might take you hour or even a couple of hours to drive to their house each way. You understand the risks he or she is facing […]

Adjusting to Assisted Living May Not Be Just the Senior’s Issue, but Their Family’s as Well

It’s easy to assume when an elderly person chooses assisted living the adjustment will only be theirs to make. Yes, they will have to adjust to this new life in this new home, but it’s not just going to be their life that changes, but possibly a spouse, adult children, and others who care about […]

Making Assisted Living Work for a Fiercely Independent Person

Roger is what people often called a ‘fiercely’ independent person. Widowed in his 60s, he never had interest in dating again. He rarely asked his family or friends for help around the house, even as he moved into his 70s and approaching 80. When he was 79 he was still getting the ladder out to […]

Why Is Dad Not Getting Out and About at Assisted Living Right Now?

It took a long time for your father to finally come around and realize the value in assisted living. He was determined to support himself, living alone, as long as he could. However, he was lonely, couldn’t drive anymore, and his friends simply didn’t have the ability to visit with him. After a while, he […]

The Right Assisted Living Facility Will Be Easy to Find

Trying to find the right place for dad may not seem to be easy. He may be a fickle individual. He might be concerned about his independence and autonomy when considering assisted living. You might have a difficult time trying to figure out which place would be ideal for him. It’s not going to be […]

8 Ways to Build New Relationships When You Move to Assisted Living

Building New Relationships in an Assisted Living Facility in Citronelle, AL Moving into an assisted living community could be an exciting time for some, but it can also be a nervous transition for others. The elderly individual may be moving into an assisted living facility where they already know some people, especially if they are […]

Have You Ever Wondered What Benefits an Assisted Living Community Could Offer Mom? Let Me Help Enlighten You.

Creativity, Assisted Living, and Incredible Opportunities near Citronelle, AL Requiring any type of assistance as you get older can leave you feeling as though you are losing your independence. For many people, the notion of assisted living is something that they don’t want to consider. However, there are numerous benefits to living in an assisted […]

Dad Refuses to even Visit an Assisted Living Facility near Citronelle, AL: Is there Anything I Can Do?

If you have been trying to convince your elderly father that it is time to consider assisted living, you may experience a great deal of resistance. Many seniors resist the idea of moving into assisted living because they would prefer to remain at home. This could be due to their comfort level at home, especially […]